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Matching 913D3 Specs to 910D3 Specs

Dr. Kovatchian

Does anyone have the ability to give me the specs on the 913D3 that would replicate the swing weight of my old setup in the 910??? The 913D3 seems significantly lighter....

OLD SET-UP = Titleist 910D3 9.5 Titleist Diamana 'ahina 72 with the 9 Gram Weight.

NEW SET-UP = Titleist 913D3 8.5 Diamana D+ White 72 with the 9 Gram Weight.

I'm thinking that the overall club head weight is lighter and the new shaft may be lighter as well...

Any Thoughts?


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  1. Cameron D

    Dr. K,

    Your 910 setup should have swing weighted out to D5 with that 9g bezel weight.  You will need the 11g bezel weight in your 913 to match the D5 swing weight in your 910.



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