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910D2 vs. 913D3


currently have 910D2, 9.5 with A-1 setting, 7 G bezel weight with Motore F1 55 stiff at standard length.

Would like to order the smaller 913D3. what would be the closest match to the Motore F1 55 shaft, even if it is a custom order?

I understand I can pull out the Motore shaft + install it in the 913. Looking for a slightly higher launch for more yardage.

Is the 913 driver just a new and improved version of 910?



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  1. Cameron D


    The Aldila RIP Phenom 60 would be a good option.  This has a similar torque, but the kick point is a little lower.  The weight will play close to 6g heavier, but the shaft should help to improve your launch.  The Aldila NV 55 will also help to improve your launch,  but will be closer in weight.



  2. Henry T

    Yes, the 913 is just an improved version of the the 910. There wasnt much they needed to fix in the 910 but they still did anyways. The biggest change is the new face insert for more ball speed. I like the 913 better but if you already have the 910 i dont suggst you buy the 913.

  3. phil

    Really? Thanks for your reply. To be honest, i was kind of disappointed in the 910 and i thought there were a a few others that were much better, including a speedline i had that was at least 1 generation behind the 910 model

  4. phil

    thank you. is the 913D2 a little draw enhanced where the D3 is not?

  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Phil,  One of the difference between the 913D2 and the 913D3 is that the 913 D2 is easier to turn over (or draw) than the D3. The other is that it is more forgiving.   Here is the post on all the differences.

  6. phil

    Thanks so much!

    Will an extra half inch in length help, or even an inch?.I may go with a smaller D-3 with a NV-55 to get a higher launch than my current Motore f1-55

  7. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The NV 55 will get the ball up higher in the air than the F1 55.  The 1/2-1" will also help, but before you do that, you should consider whether you will strike the ball solidly at that length.  We tip the NV 55 (as well as the F1 55), 1/2", so another option would be to have the NV 55 installed "untipped".  As always, we would recommend working with a good fitter to make your choice.

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