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Driver weight/shaft

Larry H

I currently play a 910 D3 withe an Ilima (61 g) "S" flex shaft.  Loft is adjusted to 11.25* and backweight is adjusted to 5g.  At times driver feels light and there is a tendency to hit from "the top". Most of the time, however, I hit it fairly solidly and very straight, but don't seem to get the distance I feel I should. Wondering abut your thoughts on whether I should either add weight, reduce loft or make some other adjustment to gain some distance. The distance would be nice but I'm reluctant to give up the consistency and accuracy. 3 handicap, moderate length hitter. 

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  1. Cameron D


    If the club feels light, then certainly changing that bezel weight to a heavier option will help.  This weight only has an effect on swing weight and won't effect your ball flight.  There is a chance you may have too much spin with that shaft or loft, which could cause the reduction in carry distance.  Either lower the setting on the driver or try a different, lower spinning shaft.  This is something that I would recommend seeing a Club Fitter for, who will be able to analyze your ball flight and put you on a launch monitor.

    This link below will take you to where you can find the nearest Titleist Club Fitter.



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