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New Bag for 2013

Randy C

Hi I am looking for a change and obviously improvement over my current wood setup.

My current LTD 9.5 driver with Ahina 70X, can be a bomber, but my miss is always to the left (working on more release), I can hit the ball long, but I want straighter, higher shots.

Also, 3 wood, my 15* LTD with Ahina 70X, is too low trajectory, it works perfectly on hard courses, but on soft conditions, I loose a lot of distance, also, case of the side with it.

Hybrid, I have to be honest, I LOVE my VR Pro 18* with Fubuki AX h400ct X flex. It is long, mid-high trajectory and long... BUT, the head sometimes can be a bit of scary as it is super small.

My irons I currently play VR pro Blades, I love them, but it has to do with the PX 6.5 in them, simply amazing, tight, tight, tight, high and low bullets if needed. Dont need nor want the forgiveness of a bigger head, as I am looking to simply become an excellent ballstriker.

Which shaft / head combo would be best for my woods?  Not having case of the lefts and higher trajectory, and tight, lots of straight shots.

Thanks for your time


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  1. Chris T

    I would go with the 913 d3 in 9.5 versus the d2, because the d2 has a little bit of a hook bias so that will not help your miss to the left.  For the shaft you should either get fit, or do some research to find a higher launching shaft.  I use a fubuki tour 63x and like it. As for the 3 wood, I don't play a titleist 3 wood so I can't really help you there.

  2. Austin T

    The best thing anybody can ever do golf club wise, it to get fit professionally. I was fit by TM and I found out so many things about my swing, and what clubs I should have. TM is just 1 of many fitters. For most people, stock shafts are not right for them. Of course the people would never know that if they had never been fit before. 

    Wherever you get fit, they will tell you  what is right for you and if you feel confident with it. This is because confidence is a huge part of your golf game. I hope this helps you Randy. Best of luck in your golf future.



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