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913 Shaft Diamana White 72+ vs Aldila RIP

In the Jonzone


I was fit for a 9.5 910 D2 with the Alidila RIP S Flex.

I went to an indoor fitting last weekend and the Titleist rep fit me for the 913D3 and 10.5 with the Diamana D+White 72.

I felt the RIP was a little too light and that the Diamana White is a little too heavy but my launch and spin were about 14 degrees and 2400 spin with the Diamana.

How do I achieve a weight that is in-between the 2 shafts but still maintain the launch and spin characteristics with Diamana?

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  1. Cameron D

    We do offer a Diamana D+ White 62 option as well, which is 9g lighter.  The weight shouldn't have too much of an affect on the your ball flight numbers.  Another option would be to keep the 72, but lighten the bezel weight to reduce swing weight.  This way the club would feel slightly lighter while maintaining the launch/spin numbers. 



  2. In the Jonzone

    Hi Cameron

    Thank you for the response.

    I don't know what the stock weight in the bezel is, but what weight should I have in the bezel that would lighten the weight to somewhere between the two shafts?


  3. AlexKren


    I posted a similar issue regarding a 913D3 on 9.5' with Diamana D+ 62 S or 913D3 8.5' with Diamana S+ 62 S.

    if the numbers and ball flight would be close.

    Would be nice to hear if your try the D+ 62 and what results you get.

    As here in UK we tend to be 6 months behind you guys.


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