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Need help with 913D2 or 913D3...

Timothy Y

I realize there may be many discussions on this subject, but it was difficult to sort through them all so, I apologize in advance if this is not the right place to seek help on this subject.  I want to purchase the new 913D2 or 913D3 Driver as my Christmas present.  I am still using the 983K - 8.5 degree and it's ABOUT TIME!  :)

Rather than purchasing it blindly on the web or off the rack at a store, I wanted to make sure the next driver I buy is perfectly "customed" for my drive.  I researched a few stores around the DC area (I live in Northern Virginia) and wasn't sure which one to go...  Anyone have suggestions for me?  Is the launch monitor really accurate?  I would rather see the ball in flight at a driving range and play with various settings with a Titleist professional (does that cost a lot of money?).  Please advise and I appreciate all your help in making my first "custom" purchase a great one.  Thank you!


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  1. fred k


    geez, nice christmas present!

    personally, i think the indoor bays at the stores are a little juiced and they don't use trackman.  but if your plan is to go to a brick and mortar, i think the guys at the tysons golfsmith are pretty good.  golf galaxy in fair lakes is okay, too.  i'd stay away from golfdom, though - those guys there seem to think real highly of themselves, if you know what i mean...

    for fittings, call either 1757 or westfields.  1757 has trackman and an indoor bay (heated, i believe) that you hit out into the driving range.  i believe westfields does, too.  and they'll both have more shaft options than a golfsmith or golf galaxy.  good luck!

    - fred

  2. Cameron D


    The use of a launch monitor is a huge help in determining what the actual launch and spin you are generating is.  Being able to see the ball flight is also a great help for you and the Fitter, but just in case you aren't able to get fit outdoors, know that our certified Titleist Fitters are qualified to fit you on a launch monitor indoors. 

    Some of or Titleist Fitting Centers offer fittings and the fitting fee can be applied to the purchase of the club.  This will vary depending on the retailer.  Here are a couple Advanced Fitting Centers near you:

    1757 Golf Club (Has launch monitor and outdoor hitting bays)

    Advanced Fitting CenterWhat is this?

    45120 WAXPOOL RD
    DULLES, VA 20166-6923 (23.4 miles)

    The Fitting Studio @ Westfield  (Has launch monitor and outdoor hitting bays)

    Advanced Fitting CenterWhat is this?

    CLIFTON, VA 20124-2817 (22.0 miles)



  3. Chip N

    Timothy Y,

    I just got fitting with a Titleist rep last week and it is well worth the time invested.  I have the 910D2 12 degree right now and going to get the 913D2 12 degree with the Graphite Design YS-6 stiff shaft.  Launch monitor information helps design which shaft and head best suits your swing.  Just remember that swings change day to day unless you're a plus handicap or professional, so make sure you warm up before being fitted.  Don't let them cut you short on time.  I was also fitted with the 913fd 15 degree 3-wood (carry 244 yds with the right shaft).  Best of luck on your selection and Merry Christmas!  Chip


  4. rogerhatcher


    I am the General Manager and Master Fitter for the Golf Tour Trailer Studio @ 1757.  We have been and advanced fitter since the program was started.  We have the most complete selection of shafts and heads offered anywhere.  Our Studio gives you the opportunity to see all the numbers on a Launch monitor (I use Trackman) as well as you getting to see the ball flight.  I have been a PGA Professional since 1994 and have been teaching and fitting for almost 20 years. In order for you to get the best fit I believe you have to see the ball flight.  The numbers can be great but if the flight does not fit you eye it will not work.  If you are good enough you will make the flight fit your eye and the numbers will suffer.  It is important for a fitter to find out what you want to achieve.  Do you like to see the ball release when it lands or do you want maximum airtime.  Do you like to curve it a certain way or are you trying to hit it as straight as possible.

    Titleist has really hit a home run with their last two lines of woods.  They have giving a club fitter the ability to fine tune a driver to someones current swing yet have settings to go to if your technique changes. 

    Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss the fitting process further.

    Roger Hatcher, PGA

    703-444-0941 Studio

    703-380-4653 Cell 

  5. Don O

    I can vouch for the value of an advanced fitter (fitted in Wisconsin).  Besides fitting for launch angle, they will also match the shaft to adjust for spin so get a max distnce and tight dispersion pattern.  My son in Bethesda will vouch for 1757 for a full bag.  I haven't played him with the metals, yet.  Both of us also got some swing advice as part of the fitting.  Never got that much help in a box store hitting bay.  In my case, it took watching the flight to make a final decision.

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