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Titleist 910F 17 degree reshaft

Micah L


I was fitted for a 42 inch 910F 17 degree with a stock shaft last year.  I have decided to reshaft it and play it at the standard length of 42.5 inches with a Mitsubishi Diamana Blue 73 stiif flex. The Mitsubishi website says to cut 0.5 inches off for a 3 wood and 0.75 inches for a five wood.

1.) How much does Titleist tip trim for their 17 degree 910F using the Mitsubishi Diamana Blue 73 stiff flex shaft?  

2.) Will I be able to buy the correct weight plug for the standard length from a Titleist dealer?



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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    We would tip the 17° 1 1/2" .  If you are talking about the aftermarket Blue Board 73, we would normally use a 9 gram (blue weight whe building it to standard length of 42.5".

  2. Micah L

    Thanks Cathi,  

     Are the 9 gram blue weight plugs still available for me to order/purchase from a Titleist retailer?


  3. Nathan H

    If you are in the red weight now I can almost guarantee you wont be able to tell the difference between it and blue as they are only 1 swingweight point apart. I wouldn't bother with the extra weight.

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