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Club re-fitting.


Team Titleist,

Just received my new 712 MB irons in the box from Carlsbad, CA and have a big problem that I need your help with. The pro who ordered my clubs for me either did not listen or made a mistake when ordering. I am standard lie and need Dynamic Gold S-300 XP shafts according to my fitting. My clubs came 2 degree flat and with Dynamic Gold S-300 shafts not XP. Everything is still in the box in its original wrapping. How much would it cost me to have the correct shafts installed and the heads bent back to standard if I shipped them back to were the came from?


Gary E

Chesapeake, Virginia

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Gary,

    Please contact your pro and have him/her check the order.  If we built the order incorrectly, we would be happy to bring it back and correct the error.  If the order was ordered incorrectly, we can work with your pro to get the correct shaft and specs.  If you would prefer to reshaft no matter what, I can only quote you an MSRP fo the reshaft, new grip and bending.  That would be $59 per club.

  2. teeumup

    Team Titleist,

    I sent my clubs back to Carlsbad through a different club pro to have the correct shafts installed and the lie returned to standard. The first time they came back, the lie adjustment was not completed and I had to send them back again. Thankfully, Titleist picked up the re-shipping due to their error of forgetting to adjust the lie. I received them back today with all things finally correct. All of the work and shipping included was a little more than half of what you had quoted. I removed and replaced the new grips from the original shafts, over to the corrected shafts, myself this afternoon. Hoping for some good weather to see if the past two months of "ordering fitted clubs" was really worth it!! 

    Gary E.

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