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Project X Black shaft on my Titleist 910 D2?

Frank-Emil S

Hi there,

So according to Project X's website, based on my driver carry and swing style, their recommended shaft is their Project X Black in a 5.5 (or regular) flex.

The current shaft on my driver is the stock "made for" Titleist Mitsubishi Diamana Ilima 61' (regular flex, high launch).  I like it but more often than not, the flight of my ball is a bit too high for my liking and as a result, I barely get much roll out after carry so I'm hoping that by changing to the Project X Black, I'll get a bit more roll due to launch being mid instead of high as well as the shaft being a tad lighter.

So my question is; in previous posts, I've noticed that only the 7.0 flex (for the Project X Black shaft) had been tested on the 910... What does this exactly mean?  

Does that mean that I "shouldn't" go with the Project X Black in a 5.5 flex?  (I think 7.0 won't be to my benefit).  Or does this mean that my current shaft is "optimized" for the 910 D2 and therefore I "won't" see much benefits if I change the shaft to the Project X Black?  

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated; cheers! 

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  1. Robert J

    The project X Black has only been tested and approved in the 7.0 flex model, which is X flex. They do offer the Project X blue in 5.5 and it can be ordered directly through Titleist. It weighs about 70 grams compared to 60+ of the Black.

  2. Cameron D


    The softest flex we can get in the Project X Black is 6.0 (in the 70g version).  From what you've described, this may be a little too stiff for your liking.  There are many other shaft options that will offer more of a mid ball flight.  Shafts you could consider for your 910D2 would be the Kai'li or the newer Diamana Blue+, both are offered in a regular flex.



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