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913 shaft info

Ryan H


  I'd like your imput on shaft option for the new 913 D2 model driver.  I currently play the 909 D2 but want to upgrade to the 913 D2.  I have been demoing a 913 D2 with the Adila Rip Phenom shaft, stiff flex 9.5 set on a C2 setting.  I love it and am hitting it about 10-15 yards further than my 909.  The only thing is I would like a little higher ball flight.  My club head speed is around 108.  Do you have any suggestions on a different shaft option that might give me a little higher ball flight without increasing ball spin.  Thanks


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  1. john p

    I am interested in the 913 driver but don't know what shaft to order. I am currently using the Cobra ZL 9.5 with the Aldila VooDoo 62g. mid-kick stiff shaft, my ball flight is way to high with this shaft. What shaft do you recommend. I went to a golf shop where my driver was measured at 10.3 instead of 9.5 as indicated on club, is this common and will this be the same with the 913?

  2. Cameron D


    You could try to the Graphite Design DI-6 and possibly adjust the loft the setting  This has been known to offer a similar launch characteristics as the Phenom, but keeps the spin down.  By increasing the loft, you may gain some launch, while the shaft will help to control the spin.  Just one option, outside of our stock shafts. 



  3. john p

    With this shaft will it keep my ball flight lower than the shaft I am using? Also what degree driver do you recommend as indicated my driver is a 9.5 which was measured as 10.3. Should I continue with a 9.5 or 8.5 to keep my ball flight down. And are the markings on the 913 drivers accurate as far as degrees or should I have them checked when I go for my fitting?? One last thought should I continue with stiff or x stiff my swing speed is 105 with the driver. Thanks!!

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