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New Irons - cb712's

Chris B

Dynamic Gold Tour x100 @ +.5" will likely play .5fcm's or a 1/2 flex softer. (from my research)
Hard stepping: 6i w/ a 7i shaft, in it will in theory, almost make up for the difference of the added length correct?

DGX100 hs = 7.1 FCM vs std x100 @ 6.8 FCM

Thus, DG Tour x100 Hard Stepped @ + .5" length est. = 6.6 FCM (i know there is some variability in manf tol. and will not be spot on)

*Issue would be with Hard Steppiong, that the set now has wedge shaft in the 9i, PW, etc no more progression*

Having tested a bunch, pretty much set on cb712's - tweaking the shaft.  Gotten good numbers and dispersion w/ x100 std length, worried if I get the length I was fitted +.5" for, it will feel softer.  What I am looking for is mitigating the softer feeling with the +.5" and  increased launch  with the added length.
1. HS, Is the wedge shaft in 9i, PW, etc a huge issue?  There is no more shaft progression after the 8i with HS

2. Should I be looking at a different solution or is there a better one?

3. OR not even worry about HS stepping at all and just play the x100 straight in and Im just paranoid

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