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913 driver length

Cam M

Hello, I play golf at college and am getting ready to order a 913 through the school. There aren't any titleist clubfitters remotely close so im very nervous about my order.I plan on ordering the 8.5 D3 head with the whiteboard shaft but noticed the club plays at 45in. I would like to order my club at 44.5 but don't want to ruin the swingweight/balance of the club. Which swingweight should I get to restore the swingweight to "factory" settings if i order it at 44.5in? Or would I be better off to order the club standard length and then take it to a clubfitter for a retro-fitting? We have an amazing clubmaker in our area but he does not carry titleist products such as the swingweight kit.

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  1. Joshua L

    You can specify your swing weight when you custom order a club through Titleist. I play with a 44.5" driver shaft as well and have always ordered it to that length with the appropriate weight to match. I believe it was a 9 gram weight versus the stock 7 gram, or well it was with the 910, it may have changed with the 913.

  2. Cameron D


    The shaft and grip will play a factor on what the swing weight will be.  Ordering the club -1/2" under standard, you will want to request the 14g bezel weight to bring the club back to D3-D4 range.  

    Where are you located?



  3. Cam M

    Thanks for your reply Cameron. Im from Ohio and after spending a few minutes on the phone with Titleist yesterday(very helpful btw) They informed me that I can just put the desired swingweight on the order form which saves me from racking my brain. While talking with Titleist I learned that the d series whiteboard is also available as a shaft option in limited quantity. the D+ series white was one of the more comfortable shafts for me but I have never tried the original "whiteboard". Is it worth exploring since it is being offered without upcharge?

  4. Robert J

    The original Whiteboard will have a different "feel" to it than either the Ahina, or new D+ shafts. The butt end of the shaft is softer. The Ahina, and new D+ are updated versions of the original Whiteboard, and are excellent shafts as well. If the D+ was comfortable, and the shaft you liked, it would probably be the best fit for you, without having the opportunity to demo the rest. Hope this helps.

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