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913D2 shaft


Hi Guys

Looking for some help from the Titleist crew. 8 handicap, Currently play 910D2 with motor speeder tour spec 6.2 x stiff. Problem I'm having is spin rate.  6300 to 6800 on monitor. Launch is ok to slightly high at 16.  Playing ProV1X.  Swing speed 116.  Fitting tools suggest I should be getting around 295 to 305 driver distance but struggle to get 270 which I'm told is due to the spin.  Was looking at the custom spec shaft guide online.  Your testing shows the Oban black as lowest spin, lowest launch high is that correct?  I think that maybe the way to go with the 7.5 D2 head.  Thoughts or other shaft suggestions would be appreciated.   Any suggestion to get the spin down would appreciated.  I not aware of any fitters with that shaft to test but it has great reviews online. 

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  1. Cameron D


    Lower lofts will certainly help with you spin, as well as that Oban shaft.  A 7.5* head set to 6.75* and that shaft will help, but won't necessarily bring your spin down 3000 RPM.  I would see if you can get your attack angle # from the launch monitor you were on. This may have something to do with the launch and spin being higher then normal.



  2. AJF

    Thanks Cameron

    Attack # is definately an issue, I'm working on that with my pro - I'm hitting down on the ball.

    One last question with that shaft trimmed to 44.75 and my spin issues, what weight kit would you recommend ?

  3. NavyLD12

    Once you get the angle of attack fixed your spin should drop considerably. Just purcasue the entire weight kit that way you dont have to guess what weight you will need. Cutting the shaft by 1/4" likely wont change the swing weight enough to feel.

  4. Tjsfagolfer

    Definitely work on the swing change first and maybe look at the d3 head. What type of ball flight direction do you hit left to right or right to left?

  5. AJF

    Hi tjsfagolfer - left to right is definately the ball flight. Would like more of a slight draw. I see the D2 has a draw bias. With the D3 910 v the D2 910 I have considerable distance loss on the monitor. Thanks

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