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Fitting Feedback for Cathy

Elmer N

Cathy - I got fit today for a 913 driver at the Fitting Studio at Westfields in Clifton VA (one of the locations you recommended to me).  My fitter was Paris Fisher.  Paris, Westfields, and the whole experience were awesome!

My current driver is a 910 D2 9.5 (set at B3), with a Kai'li R62 shaft.

My new driver will be 913 D2 9.5 (set at B3), with a RIP Phenom 50 R shaft. 

I gained10 yards average carry!  I went into the fitting thinking that I would get the Diamana S+ Blue R62, a Fubuki Tour 63R, or Fubuki K 60R.  (I had not hit the Fubukis before, but like what I have read about them and thought they looked cool.)  I had not previously considered the Phenom.  It turns out the RIP Phenom 50 R has the same stability as my current Kai'li (frequency was 244), which was more stable than the S+ Blue R 62 (frequency was 233).  But the Phenom is 10g lighter than the Kai'li or the S+ blue.  The reduced weight (along with the 913 head changes) resulted in an average increase in club speed of 2mph (from 88.1 to 90.1), reduced my average spin rate from 3576 to 3088, and increased my average carry from 194 to 204.  My total distance was in the 230 - 240 range, with a max distance of 246 (and this was with range balls and temperature 40 F).

I can't wait to get my new driver!  I am also looking forward to Westfields getting their 913F and 913F fitting equipment, so I can go get fit for new fairway woods and hybrids.  I plan to order them so they can be shipped as soon as they are available!  Thanks for the great recommendation!


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Elmer,

    Thank you for letting us know how the fitting went! I will pass on your note to Paris - sounds like 2013 is starting off great!

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