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Iron selection

Jim G

To me, there is much more to iron fitting than shaft, lie angle, loft angle, and grip.  There is the sole and how it interacts with the turf.  For me, I tend to take a shallow angle of attack and brush the grass and don't really take a divot.  What sole should I be looking for in an iron, thin or thicker and should I use more of a MB type iron?

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  1. Cameron D


    If you are a great ball striker and can consistently hit those irons, then that would be the better model for you since it does have the smaller sole width.  Players looking at a very workable iron model (ie CB or MB models) will tend to play the MB if they have more of a picker golf swing.  One thing to keep in mind, that some Club Fitters look at, is that if there seems to be too much bounce or sole width on the iron model you fit into, a Fitter may strong loft your irons by a degree or two.  This will assist in achieving better turf interaction.



  2. Jim G

    I played with 681s and had no trouble striking those. I am more considering the CBs from 3-7 iron and 8-PW the MBs. 

  3. Mickey G

    Not a bad call on the combo type set. I play MB710's. I absolutely love them. Well, like everyone, sometimes I hit a few stinkers... but mis-hit a MB 3 Iron... it feels like hitting a bowling ball with a hockey stick on New Years day in the arctic circle... ok maybe not that bad.  But hit that sweet spot... like buddah! I was thinking of ordering AP2 3 & 4 irons myself.  Maybe CB now... good idea!

  4. Jeff L

    Ball striking is not a short coming in my game. I was just fitted for Titleist irons and ended up with 5 thru p in the MB, but chose to go with CB for 3 and 4 to minimize the times I may get away from myself with the longer clubs.  I could not be much happier with the choices that I made.

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