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Need to confirm specification for my order please help

Jassim T

Hi, I am ordering a 913 D3 through my club fitter in Dubai and have  few questions that need to be clarified.

The specification of my order is as follows:

- 913 D3

- D+ 63 shaft

- Length 43.5

- Swing weight ?

Question 1: What is the standard swing weight. I do not want to specify a swing weight because every combination of head and shaft will be different. I liked the swing weight of the demo i tried. What is it? ( liked the D+73 and Diamana S blue 62)

Question 2: Ordering the club to 43.5 length. Will it be possible to get the swing weight to standard since cutting the shaft to this degree will decrease the swing weight significantly. Will the 14 weight insert be able to counter this?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Cameron D


    At that length, the heaviest swing weight we will be able to get is C7-C8 (with the 14g bezel weight).  You can always try lighter grips to assist in getting the swing weight back up a couple points.  The Winn light grips can get you up to 6 swing weight points.



  2. Jassim T


    Any idea what is the standard swing weight? I might get the shaft cut down to 44 inch if I cannot achieve the standard swing weight. I hear the swing weight is around D3 with the blue and D4 with the D+ is this correct?

    Your help is highly appreciated.

  3. Jassim T

    As for now I have taken your advice and would like to go with the lighter grip.

    With D+ 63 shaft cut down to 43.5 length. Dri-tach wrap lite grips midsize (23grams) with 14 gram insert.

    What swing weight will I achieve?

    Is standard about D3-D4?

    Please let me know thanks.

  4. Cameron D


    You are correct on those standard swing weights (D3-D4).  If you have it cut down to 44", then you are looking at the heaviest swing weight of D0, assuming you don't go with a lighter grip. 

    If you go with that Dri-tac grip with the heaviest bezel weight (14g), then you can expect the swing weight to be D3.  Make sure you specify these specs to the golf shop where you are placing your order. 



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