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KBS C-Taper vs Project X 6.0 (non-flighted)

Michael D

Anybody have experience comparing the KBS C-Tapers with Project X (Non-Flighted)... I currently play with the PX 6.0 but was curious about the KBS C-Tapers S+....what are the different charcteristics?

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  1. Cameron D


    The KBS C-Tapers will launch and spin the ball less.  My personal feeling was that the KBC C-Tapers felt slightly stiffer.  



  2. Tom R

    Do you know what the swing weight is for the C-Taper S with AP2's?  I understand Titleist can adjust the swing weight.  However,   I'm trying to get a feel for how many grams will need to be added to the head to get to D2.  This may change my grip selection.

  3. Cameron D


    There will be no change in the swing weight with that shaft. 



  4. Tom R

    Thanks for the quick response Cameron.  I always end up between flexes and have gone with the stiffer flex in the past.  I plan on soft stepping the C-Tapers twice.  Have you seen similar characteristics with the C-Taper (lower flight, less spin) in the softer flexes as well?  I have made some swing changes and now have a more moderate tempo than the last time I was fitted.  I'm a bit concerned with the C-Tapers ssx2 being too stiff.  Any thoughts?

  5. Cameron D


    Those shafts, even soft stepped, should still maintain a low launch/spin characteristic.  One option that you may want to consider is going with an R+ instead of the stiff.  This is a nice option that KBS offers, which works well for players looking for something stiffer then a regular flex, but softer then a actual stiff flex.



  6. AJAR

    Hey Tom,

    I have 712 MBs with C-Taper 130 Stiff for the 3i, 4i, & 5i; and C-Taper XStiff SSx1 for 6i-9i. For me there is a huge difference in feel  and flight between the Project X and KNS C-Tapers. Above is a spreadsheet of shafts with their associated flex (cpm) that I downloaded from GolfWRX - hopefully as useful for you as it was for me. There was also a post about the comparison between these 2 shafts in a 712MB about 2 months ago if you want more info, just search '712MB C-Taper Project X'. 

  7. Tom R

    Thanks for the great info.  Do you have a high swing speed with a quick transition?  My 6 iron swing speed has dropped into the lower 80's since adjusting to a smoother tempo.  I have considered the C-Taper R flex, but I do not want a 110 gram shaft.  I currently game a True Temper 105 gram S shaft that is supposed to provide a lower ball flight.  However, they feel quite light and I tend to balloon the ball.  I have played CB's with the Dynamic Gold R300 and S300 shafts.  Not bad sticks but I have heard great things about the feel and performance of the C-Tapers.  I was hoping to gather enough info to avoid another fitting so I appreciate your input.

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