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Driver shafts

Richard M

I play the Project X Steel 6.5 in my 712 CB irons.  Irons are 1/2 inch longer than standard and 2 degrees stronger.

I love the feel and results.  The ball seems to leave the face aggressively (like a mad hornet).  Trajectory and distance are great as well.

What shaft would give me a similar feel, mid traj. , tight dispersion and distance in a 913 D3?



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  1. Skylar T

    Fubuki tour 63 grams x flex would be one for you to look in to.

  2. Richard M

    Thanks.  Tried that one already.  It doesn't load up like the irons.  Irons feel smooth and powerful, Fubuki feels a bit "boardy" and unresponsive.

  3. David Browning

    I'm a fan of the Tour Ad-Di. Have you tried that? Were you fitted for your irons?

  4. Matt B

    Have you tried the Diamana Ahina or Whiteboard? another option is the Fujikura motore speeder vc 7.1 or tour spec 7.2

  5. Richard M

    I have done some research and the AD DI looked interesting.  Not sure I want to pay $375 for the shaft (pun intended).  Brings the driver cost to around $800.  I would like to try one, but no one in my area (Columbia SC) has one in their fitting kit.

    Not sure of the price, but what do you think of the Proj X X8B4 or 8C4?

    Irons are a long story....suffice to say, they are working well for me and are the best feeling clubs I have ever had.

    Also Diamana and Fujikura shafts have been suggested.  Will look into them as well.



  6. Robert J

    You may want to consider the Project X 8B4 or 8C4 shafts. The 8B4 is similar in flex (6.5) to your irons, and the 8C4 is 6.0 version. Smooth feeling, mid launch a dn low to mid spin. The 80 gram versions launch slightly higher than the 70 gram models, as they initially were thought of being used in fairway woods. I play it in a 910D3 7.5 degree head, at 44" overall length and am very happy with the fit and results.

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