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Tour AD DI 6 X or Tour AD DI 7 X? (With a 913 D2 9,5°)

Charles G-S

Hello everyone,

I was about to buy a new Titleist 913 D2 9,5° when I had the choice between two shafts. I swing the club approximately 115 with my driver. I was hesitating between the Tour AD DI 6 X (66 grams) and the Tour AD DI 7 X (75 grams).

I currently have a 910 D2 10,5 with a diamana ahina 72 grams X which fits me well with the weight but it produces too much spin, that is why I need an upgrade..(this is the shaft designed for titleist, not the real one).

I like to swing it hard and I usually carry it a long way down there.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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  1. John L

    Between the two options you have listed i would say go DI 7 but. no good would come of that with out a proper fitting. and your spin issue may not directly relate to the shaft isssue. Remember the 913 line has a lower spin than the 910 line dose. So i wouldn't guess at shafts with out doing a fitting first.

  2. Charles G-S

    Thank you for the prompt response!

    I did not know that the 913 drivers had a reduced spin compared to the 910. I was just asking to get some feedback, I am obviously going to do a fitting but this is the shaft I want. 

    I'm pretty sure that the spin is due to the combination of the 910 heads and the shaft which is a "designed for Titleist".. not worth a lot in terms of performances.

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