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913 Driver Diamana +PLUS differences, need help!

Jeremy S

I am going to purchase the new 913 Driver, and I have everything I want narrowed down and figured out, besides the shaft. I know i need a low spin rate driver so I have chosen the  Diamana +PLUS White board. But where I am confused is the weight. Does anyone know the difference it would make the  Diamana +PLUS White board shaft being 72 gram , or a 62 gram shaft but tip trimmed a half of an inch? how much of a difference will that make or will it not make?

Thanks so much!!

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  1. David Browning


    Butt trimming 1/2" won't effect the shafts/driver too much. The swing weight would change roughly 3 points. The kick point would raise a hair, and make the shaft play a touch stiffer. However, most of these changes wouldn't be noticed by the average golfer. If you prefer a specific swing weight, Titleist will try to come as close as possible to building your club(s) to your liking. 

    If it's possible, go visit your local Titleist rep and get properly fitted. They'll be able to fit you for a driver/shaft specifically for you and your game. 

  2. Jeremy S

    Thank you so much.. That really does help a bunch i will make sure i do that! thanks again

  3. David Browning

    Jeremy S

    Thank you so much.. That really does help a bunch i will make sure i do that! thanks again

    You're very welcome. If you have any more questions, ask away. Hopefully, you'll have a new 913 in your bag soon! 

  4. Jeremy S

    sorry david, one last and hopefully final question. if i order the diamond + white 62 gram, instead of the 72 grams. not tip trimming at all. would that affect the spin rate of the ball, as in making it a higher spin rate, would it affect the ball flight of the ball as going higher?

  5. MikeC

    I have a 913D2 9.5, with Phenom 70 Stiff shaft, swing speed of about 100mph give or take 5mph on any given swing, and haven't hit my drives no where near as far as used to, and no where near the loft.  I decided to get fitted and went to Dicks Sporting Goods.  After putting me on the monitor, we determined to go to a different shaft (Diamana + Blue S+ 62) and went up to a 10.5 lofted head.  I have it on order and still waiting for it's arrival and can't wait to try it out on the course, esp once it turns spring.  Using most of the same stuff (reg flex instead of stiff) as a demo to make sure before ordering, def saw a difference, esp in distance as well as less spin.

    My point in the above, is just guessing on what you need (even if somewhat knowledgeable) without actually hitting them, along with loft/lie settings, sometimes can still be wrong.  I would get fitted against a launch monitor to see what you really need.  There is no way to tell if a lighter shaft over heavier one would get you hitting the best, without seeing numbers.

  6. Jerry R

    I'd like to know the difference too. I've tried the 72 gram and had good numbers but could not demo the 62 gram.  I'm sure Diamana built the 62 gram for a reason.  Hopefully someone can provide some more insight. 

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