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Project X Tour Issue graphite still good?



Are the Project X Tour Issue shaft still considered as a good shaft for low handicap golfers and pros? I saw in 2012 a lot started to use the Graphite Design DI Tour shafts, and not many left who plays Project X shafts but that's because of new playstyle or?

Second... Are Project X Tour Issue shafts considered as an ANTI-Hook shaft? I see a lot talks about it is hard to draw?

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  1. Chris

    Anyone out there?

  2. Gator


    The Project X Tour Issue Shaft is a really good shaft. I had one in my 910D3 and loved the performance of it.

    I now play the 913D3 with the Diamana D+ White and love this set-up even better.

    If you notice the new stock options for Titleist in the 913 drivers & fairways, they are Diamana & Aldila shafts, excluding the Bassara shaft.  Aldila & Diamana are the top 2 companies on the PGA Tour as far as tour usage. So it made sense for Titleist to offer these 2 companies shafts as their stock options as most of us like to play what the PGA tour players use.

    The Graphite Design AD-DI shaft is a popular shaft out on tour and played by a few of the elite players, but there are far more Aldila & Diamana shafts in play.

    The Projext X Tour Issue shaft is still used by a few tour players and can be ordered as a custom option through Titleist.  As far as the Project X being anti-hook, i think that would be based on personal opinion and swing. I didn't have a lot of movement/curvature from left to right with my shots with this Project X shaft.

    Good Luck!

  3. Chris

    Hi Gator,

    Thanks for your answer. It was well detailed.

    How do you think the Diamana D+ White are launching compared to PX 7B3 (6.5)? Is it launching much lower or? I am about to get a 913D3 with 8.5° loft, but I can't figure out which shaft to play. I have a Diamana Blue 73 X-Stiff (non-stock) right now, but I think I am launching it too high, even with different SureFit settings. My avg. club head speed is around 115 mph. Maybe a bit faster on the course in calm weather.

    Can you maybe help me out here? I am looking for a low spinning shaft with Low Mid launch, and I have been thinking about these three stock-shafts.

    • Project X Tour Issue X-7B3 Blue Graphite 6.5
    • Diamana D+ White 72 X-Stiff
    • RIP Phenom 70 X-Stiff

    But I heard the RIP Phenom shafts have a "dead" feeling, and is not as active as other shafts? Have you heard about this?

  4. Gator


    For me, the Diamana D+ White spins less than the Project X Tour Issue shaft, so I'm getting more carry distance, especially in windy conditions. I did not see much difference in launch conditions between the two shafts. Obvoiusly, if the Diamana D+ White was launching lower, that would be a concern but my launch conditions seem similar to the Project X Tour Issue. Definitely loving the performance of the Diamana shaft with the 913 D3 head.

    All (3) shafts you are looking at are really good shafts.

    As you well know, the biggest factor in good launch and spin is the loft of the driver, then the shaft. I've tested all 3 of these shafts and based on that here is what i think of them. The Diamana D+ White should have less spin and may launch a little lower but not much. The Aldila Phenom and Project X Tour Issue launched about the same for me and ball spin was similar. The Aldila Phenom shaft felt a little softer to me and a little looser (more ball curvature). The Project X Tour Issue shaft had good launch just has more spin than the Diamana shaft.

    Ideally, if you can find a Advanced Fitter and test these shafts out, that would be the way to go.  Also, if your local club has the basic Titleist Fitting system, the can call titleist and have these specific shafts sent to them for you to try out at no cost.  Titleist has a shaft library for all of the fitting accounts to use.

    Hope this helps a little in your decision with your new 913D3!

    Best of Luck!

  5. Chris


    Again thanks for your very helpful answer. It really helps me out where to start.

    But can you answer these lasts questions, please?

    I have been playing a 910D3 with 9.5° loft and with a Diamana Blue 73 X-Stiff (non-stock) shaft. I think I am launching a bit too high, with too much spin. Not moonball high, but they spins out there. So I have also been thinking about the Diamana D+ White in X-Stiff, you are talking about.

    But do you think if I get the 913D3 with the Diamana D+ White X-Stiff shaft AND with 8.5° loft instead of 9.5° as I usually play with, it will lower my launch too much?

    I have avg. club head speed 115 mph. and handicap +1.5.

    The reason that ask is because I won this driver, and I am now going to order it with my specs. But I have to do it within the next week, but I can't mange to go to the Fitter by that time, so I am guessing a bit here. I know that my Diamana Blue 73 is performing OK for me, but as I said launching a bit too high and spins a bit too much, but I already got that shaft in my bag, so this is a free opportunity for me to try a new shaft. Unfortunately I can't go to the Fitter first, but I have to deal with that.

    Do you think you could guide mere here? I want lower Launch and Low Mid spin. Maybe the Diamana D+ is my chioce, or maybe PX7. It's pretty damn hard.

  6. Gator


    What you may want to do is order the 913D3 in the 9.5 loft, which you have been playing but have Titleist set the tip at the D1 setting, which is minus .75 degrees of loft.  Your driver will then have an effective loft of 8.75 degrees.  This may be a good set-up  because the Diamana shaft will spin less and launch a little lower than the Diamana Blue 73 you have in your 910D3.  Plus the .75 degrees less in loft will reduce launch and spin some.  Nice thing is, if your launching too low with this set-up, you can adjust the settings and add more loft to get higher launch and more spin if needed.

    Same thing can be said if you choose the PX7, I just think that shaft will launch and spin a little more than the Diamana D+ White. Basically were splitting hairs between the two shafts, little different feel and minor differences in lauch & spin with the driver loft setting constant.

    Just a thought.

  7. Chris


    Thanks for your thoughts, and it does make sense to me. I think I'll try the Diamana D+ and work with that. I really love the Diamana shafts overall.

    But can you please explain to me what you mean with letting Titleist set the tip to D1? Isn't the SureFit hosel letting me doing that myself, or am I missing out your point here?

    So it isn't the same to go with a 8.5 degree and if that set-up is launching too low I can adjust the setting to D4 instead so I then play at 9.25 degrees?

    Or is it better to start high and go low?

    I'm a bit rookie here, as you can hear.

  8. Gator


    You can go either the 8.5 or 9.5 loft in the 913D3.  You can always increase the loft if needed on the 8.5 head or decrease loft on the 9.5 head as well if you need higher/lower launch and more/less spin on your shots.  

    My point in having Titleist set the tip to a D1 setting with the 9.5 lofted head, making the effective loft at 8.75 degrees, is the graphics and lettering of the shaft will not be visable when addressing the ball.  The lettering and graphics will be on the bottom side of the shaft. Plus your grip may be turned to the left or right if you don't use the 360 tour velvet stock grip, which most of us use a different grip.

    When you change the loft settings, the lettering of shaft may be on top of the shaft or on the side of the shaft when looking down at the shaft at address.  Obviously, this doesn't effect the performance of the shaft at all, but some guys do not like looking down at the lettering of shaft at address. I'm one of those guys.

    Good Luck.

  9. Chris


    Okay, so no difference really in going 8.5 or 9.5 I guess.

    Yeah I thought so you were talking about the graphics on the shaft and the grip

    Thank you so much for you time and help. Have a nice season!

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