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10.5° vs 12° degree driver


Does higher lofted drivers make you hit it longer?  Or does it all depend on launch angle (hitting it on the up swing) that makes a difference?

I use a 910 D3 10.5° reg kaili shaft and my swing speed is only about 85-90 and usually carry the ball 210 yards and another 10-20 yards of roll.  


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  1. ksprecher

    More loft can make the ball carry farther at lower swing speed. Hitting up on the ball can also contribute to greater distance at slower swing speeds. There is an optimal launch for all player but ideally at slower speeds, higher launch and mid to high 2000 spin is best.

    Good luck,


  2. Don O

    My driver speed increased from 80 to 88-89 (lots of work) and my 12 degree driver was launching over 20 degrees.  I moved to a 10.5 degree this off-season and I'm back under 15 degrees on a track man inside, with distances similar to your's.  Hitting from sheds into packed snow, the inside results seem consistent to what I'm seeing with the range balls.  Some of the large retailers are offering trial fiting with the new clubs.  You can check out some adjustables, including the 913 basically to see if you are launching in the 11-14 degree range.  You would only do better with a 12 if your launch was under that with a 10.5.  And you can get to 12 with a 910 10.5 with available adjustments.

  3. 808HACKER

    Thanks for the great advise, I'll definitely try that out.

    Take care.

  4. Chip N

    Went to the 12 degree 910 a couple of years with the Graphite Design YS-6 stiff shaft and numbers came back  13 degree launch angle with carry in the 250-256 range. Best advice is get  fitted with the right shaft. Getting ready to get fitted with 12 degree 913.  Good luck!

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