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Cameron swing weight/grip Q

Nick J

I have a Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 (35 inch length) with the standard grip and I want to put a new midsize grip on it. What I am worried about is that by putting a different grip on it I will change the swingweight and make it feel lighter.   I wondered whether or not I should worry about changing the weights  in the  putter with a midsized gip on it.  



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  1. Cameron D


    The current pisolero grip is actually only a few grams heavier then the Winn midsize grip and wouldn't change the swing weight.



  2. Brian D

    Hi Nick, I did that exact thing.  It really didn't change the weight.  I can say that I did recently get a pair of 20gm weights from the standard 15gm that came in my putter.  I think it was more of a preference thing than anything, but I do like the feel of a heavier weighted putted.  One thing to note...since I live in New England, I have not yet played a round with it, only putted on the matt in my living room.

    Best of luck to you,


  3. Chris92009

    Nick, after you make the switch you could always lengthen the putter to add swingweight if you felt there was a difference...

    Just a thought, however he pistolero is a heavier grip similar to the winn midsize.  As a person with large hands, I have found the Winn and Pistolero both to be excellent grips, however I would consider you send in your putter to the custom shop and try out one of their midsize grips....very nice feel and shape...just a thought to consider...

    Cheers! Chris

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