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Swing weight - Driver

Addam C


I was fitted yesterday for a new driver and while the numbers seem to be very good the feel was pretty bad. My question is whether adding to the swing weight would add feel to the club? My stats from the fitting are below with a description of my swing. I normally hit a push draw and this club was a pull cut. Wasn't the worst flight but certainly felt very harsh. I like so many others live where there is almost no options for fitting outside the normal fitting cart options.

Any help is very appreciated.

Swing speed - 114-116mph

Launch - 11.4 avg.

Spin - 2450 avg

Ball speed - 168-170mph

My swing is to parallel,  has a fast/hard transition.

The club:

913 D3 9.5

Mitusbishi 72 D+ Xflex 


A. C.

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  1. ksprecher


    Your numbers are terrific and that shaft can get a bit "boardy" feeling. You can try changing the bezel weight to something a little heavier or going to another shaft  brand that performs similarly, like the Tour AD DI7X.

    Where did you get fit?


  2. Addam C

    Those were pretty much my thoughts. I was thinking by increasing the bezel weight the shaft might gain feel for me with the increased swing weight. I would really like to try the AD DI7X but no one around where I live can provide that for testing. 

    I was fit at a local small golf shop that had a launch monitor. I wasn't a Trackman but seemed to be pretty accurate as I warmed up to what my older equipment offered. They are ordering a RIP a70X to try and see if it has more feel than the Diamana D+.


  3. ksprecher


    Where are you located?

    The RIP 70X is plays stiffer in the tip area and will most likely feel tighter.


  4. Addam C

    I just relocated to Wichita, Ks from Ohio. I used to have access to proper fitting but here the options are greatly reduced. 

  5. steve b

    AC - if you don't find anybody in Wichita give us a call in OKC -- 405-842-2626

    steve ball

  6. Addam C


    I greatly appreciate your offer but I actually made the commitment and scheduled a fitting at the regional Titleist fitter in Dallas/Ft Worth. Gives me an excuse to spend a weekend away as well as experience what they have to offer. 

    I am really looking forward to what they will be able to provide in both experience and fitting.

    Thanks again,


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