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CB 712s vs AP2s

Michael M

Hi all - I was dead set on grabbing some of the new AP2s but after my fitting at the Titleist Regional Center at Jim Mclean in TX I was amazed at how well I hit the CB 712s.  I trust the guys at Mclean and I certainly trust my own two eyes after hitting off their beautiful range.  My quandary is it seems like a big leap coming off some old cleve Golds that I bought ages ago (2008?) and well before I started playing 7-10 times a month (moved from Northeast to TX and joined private club - HC down to 9).  The AP2s just felt heavy yet I still struggled to get down on the ball and consistently smooth any.  The CBs not so, even the few misses were solid contact/divot with a high right trajectory (more so from not finishing my swing I think).  While I continue to improve on taking nice divots I have always been a "picker" so my misses are generally thin.  But the CBs seemed to let me feel great about covering the ball and getting down through it.  Has anyone else gone through a similar "am I really ready for blades" moment?  Am I just thinking too much?  I have heard too many horror stories that go like "my buddy is scratch and he bought blades and could not hit them and went back to GI irons a month later."   Wondering if those are not exaggerations????  Would love to hear back from anyone with similar experiences.  FYI - shafts were the Project X PXi 5.5s.  


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  1. Christian J

    I would say go with the CB's.  You need to play the clubs that are going to work best for you, and it sounds like these are the ones that did.  You have to remember that not everyone is the same, like your story with the scratch golfer.  I've known people who play blades that have higher handicaps than you do and are just fine with them.  Just go with whatever works best for you because that will benefit you in the long run.

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