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Vokey Fittings

Joshua O


I have been playing vokey wedges for years and I have always believed they were a superior product. Over the last year I have been making small swing changes and my lack of distance control and miss ratio was increasing as my overall game was improving. I reached out to Vokey on twitter and decided it was time to get a complete fitting and a new set of wedges. They directed me to @kyle_Clubfitter who is in the DFW area where I was working at the time. He set up the trackman and I went over my problems I am having. He looked over my current gear and first off my wedges were all way over standard length (i am a tall guy but my golfsmith must have gotten a bit carried away).  I started off hitting the SM4 and I was still taking to large of a divot and we switch to the TVD's. We noticed a change immediatly, we went to the practice green and continued to hit a various different types of shots.

The Vokey TVD M grind worked the best for my swing. After deciding on what head to use we went back to the range to decided on the shaft I prefer. After hitting the DG and KBS shafts, we decided on the DG S400 shaft. Kyle called wedgewerks to have the built and shipped to my location. I had a tourney that coming weekend and we asked if we could get a rush order and two day shipping. Vokey worked with us and I recieved them in time. They went immediatly into my bag with a few hours of practice fine tuning my distance control.  When your hitting 6 for 6 from 80 yards all within very makeable birdie puts, you cannot have any complaints.

I was able to win the small north texas tourney and I couldnt be happier with the control the wedges have given my game. Even if you are a diehard vokey loyalist take the time to get a full fitting. Not everyone will fit the readily avaible  SM4 you might be like me and the TDV works the best for my game. I could have easily walked into a major retailer and hit off their mats and I would have never known how the club would react on the real turf. I almost made that mistake , Take the time!'


And they look Great!  

Looking forward to the rest of the season!


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  1. Chris S

    Great looking clubs! Thanks for sharing and Congrats on the win!

    Chris S

  2. Kyle C


    It was great working with you!  Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you in the future!  I wish you the best with the qualifiers you have coming up.  

  3. Skylar T

    I like the black finish... look great!

  4. Tyler H

    What a testament to getting properly fit.

  5. Ron M.

    Love the matte finish on your triplet's...Congrat's on your win....Get fitted!!!!!!

  6. James G

    Hi Josh,

    I am in a similar boat to what you were in. In fact looking at the picture of your clubs seems we have a similar club selection.

    I am currently looking at the TVD M wedges and have had distance control issues with my vokey wedges. My game around the greens is pretty good though.

    My question to you is what weas the length the wedges you WERE playing measured to. And then with the new TVD wedges did you go with standard length and if not what did you get made?

    Would love to hear more info on how it was and what the specs you got to were.

  7. Allen L

    Congratulations on your win.  Thanks for the advice on the fitting.  Man, I sure like the black finish.

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