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Titleist 913 D2 Driver Fitting


I went for a driver fitting today at the PGA Superstore with all intentions of getting a new Titleist 913 D2 Driver.  Let me preface this by saying that I have always struggled with my driver, which has previously been a TM R7 and a G15.  This is my third season playing golf, and last year I took my driver out of my bag altogether.  So this year, I wanted to start all over again with a Titleist driver.  When I was waiting to be fit, I was practicing with the 913 D2 9.5 degree and a regular Diamana S+ Blue 62 shaft.  I consistently hit it straight or a little pull, had a swing speed average of 87mph and a carry of about 200 yards.  The fitter came over and told me that this was the wrong club for me and tried to force me into a RBZ Stage 2 Driver, a RAZR Fit or a AMP.  She told me that the Titleist driver should only be played by better players.  I agreed with her that my struggles had a great deal to do with my driver swing/technique.  However, I thought this was a forgiving club that I could grow and get better with.  Any thoughts?  Please help!!

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Nikolai,  I am sorry to hear that one of our partners discouraged you from buying the 913. Can you give us a call?  1-888-TITLEIST

  2. eboos

    Wow, that is a great way to talk yourself out of business. Based on those comments, I would not trust any of that fitter's advise. You were trying a driver with a 460cc head, 16 adjustable setting and a 45" shaft. That sounds pretty forgiving to me. Especially since one of the drivers that was recommended to you had a longer shaft and is harder to hit. If you were trying a MB 2 iron, then maybe she had a point, but she was way out of line with a driver. Try another shop and give a 10.5 degree D2 a whack.

  3. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Nikolai,

    In terms of playability, check out this video that we shot with some Team Titleist members who had the opportunity to get fit for a 913 driver with us at our Manchester Lane facility... All of these members had different levels of ability and I think what they have to say might help you out as well.

  4. Terry K

    I can tell you that I had shied away from Titleist just because I thought they were for more skilled players.  Last summer, I switched out of my cally FT5 for a new driver.  I went through a fitting where I compared TM R11S, cally Razor Fit, and the Titleist 910D2.  I bought the Titleist.  It can't make everything go straight, but it is better than my old cally and I am so happy with it that I bought a 910FD (which has me pulling 3-wood from the bag with a smile), and I am really looking forward to trying a 913H in another hybrid bakeoff as soon as it hits the market.

  5. Joshua L

    Play what you're confident with. A good fitter will take what you have to say and what your opinions are and find the set up that will best meet your goals and requirements while producing the best possible result for you. It's unfortunate that you had a fitter pushed you out of a club that you liked and wanted to go with for another brand. Hopefully this won't discourage you from purchasing a Titleist driver. 

  6. Don O

    Just finished my third year, so I can feel your pain.  One might even argue that lessons may be a better investment.  The fitter may have an arguement comparing a forged Titleist iron versus a super game improvement model from one of the other companies, based on your game. 

    But a driver?  Really??  Other than possibly being a less expensive option that you could outgrow with some small changes, there is no way to fathom the comment.  The fitter must even buy into the marketing ploy that the others drive further.  Not sure what part of a 46 inch driver is easier to manage than a 45 inch Titleist.  Squaring the head and hitting the sweet spot is hard enough without adding a longer lever that every inch magnifies a small twitch in the hands into being further off center.  Even the pros cut those clubs down to 44.5 inches.  When a 6'4" muscle bound pro with warpaint cuts down the length - there might be a message of how these are better for amateurs.

    I did move from a G15 to a D2, but it wasn't to put the driver back in the bag.  I have improved in casting/releasing and weight transfer and with the loft on the driver my shots were ballooning.  Combiining the changes, I am very happy with the D2,  I did try a white driver when they first came out, but it was never better by any measure, even though I wasn't a better player.

    I discovered by accident that not better players can do well with Titleist equipment.  Being LH, I could never try all the new equipment because the store only stocked one or two samples in stiff shafts or some of the other companies for the rest of us didn't have fitting equipment in their carts to fit LH'ers.  When I threw a dart at the map of pro shops in the area that advertised outside electronic tracking, I hit an advanced fitting center.  I was apprehensive since they primarily sell TItleist, but knew I didn't have sucess with the alternatives.  I have to be careful to say it could only have been the second best accident in my life, after meeting my wife.

  7. Bobby S

    Nikolai, I have very similar SS and carry like yours. Recently moved from a cally Diablo Octane 10.5 to Titleist 9.5 D2 with Regular Blue 62 shaft and am very happy. Setting in B2 is working out great for me, drives go straight like an arrow very consistently hitting fairways now.

    I would encourage you to get this driver, it is a forgiving driver and the shorter shaft length definitely gives you more confidence.

  8. Keith M


    I hope my opinion may be of assistance. 

    As long as I've played golf and as much as I love the game, I stink at it.  That didn't stop me from testing several drivers and ultimately choosing the 913D2.  Once I got it out to the range, I fell even more in love with it.  Hands down it's the best driver I've ever hit.  The feel, sound, and feedback are phenomenal.  

    If you haven't bought it already, I would highly recommend it.  

  9. david h

    Hi Nikolai, when I went through my fitting for my 910d2 they had me try other clubs and shafts as part of their proceedure to help find how I hit my shots. I think it was to make me not think to much and just swing naturally. when they switched over to Titleist he already had a good idea of loft, shaft flex and d2 over d3, Iwasn't sure at the start but felt I got the right fit in the end.

    Thanks Daren M. at Joe and Leighs in Easton Ma.

    Hey Mike that looked like a good time at Manchester Lane, I did the hybrid test with Karen Gray and had alot of fun, great time.

  10. Don O

    I'm sure Nikolai has already been impressed with the rapid response of the TT concierges in this situation. Amazing support as always.

    This weekend is the dream/wishful hoping for spring golf show for south central Wisconsin.  I did have a chance to try the driver that won at Scottsdale and the drive in 4 designer colors while there.  Both were ok (had to adjust to the longer length) but neither felt or sounded as solid as my 910 D2. At a previous time I tried a yellow square head driver.  Another "helpful" design, but the sound almost got me drummed out of a league, and didn't improve my game.  Sounded like hitting a soda can with an aluminum bat.

    Hopefully Nikolai can be fitted to several including Titleist and pick the one that gives the best numbers and most confidence.  I'd hate to think my fitter had ulterior motives to steer me based on promotional bonuses or profit margin.

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