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Are the 913 Diamana shafts tip trimmed prior to install in Surefit adapters?

Andy K

To whom it may concern:

I am just curious as to if the off the rack current 913 Diamana + shafts are tip trimmed the 1/2" prior to installation into the Surefit adapters. Any answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. Cameron D


    They are not tipped prior to installation.  You may request anywhere up to 1.5" tipping on those shafts.



  2. DAN D

    How much should the diamana D+ be tipped in order to get the stiffness right between stiff and extra stiff?

  3. casa

    Why do you want to change the kick point, torque, launch angle,and swing weight of your club?

    The proper way to shorten a club is to take an equal amount of trim from the butt and tip

    But if you realy want to get between stiff and extra stiff take a 1/2" off the butt end


  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    We can tip the shaft as much a 1.5", but to get it in between flexes, you would want to have it tipped 1". 

  5. Todd H

    So to confirm the shafts are not tipped for 913, but the 910 shafts were tipped 1/2". Can anyone expound on why the shafts are no longer tipped to play to flex when the surfit adaptor hasn't changed?  I'm confused?

  6. Chris92009

    After studying the tip trim chart of various shafts of all the various manufacturers it seems every shaft is appears according to Mitsubishi they do not recommend trip trimming for the driver however if you are looking to adjust between flexes you would need to give Titleist that custom information. 

  7. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The tipping is exactly the same for the 913's as it was for the 910's.  We are not tipping the Diamana plus series, but do tip all other shafts 1/2" for the driver.  We can tip per request.

  8. Kevin H

    Can you advise on what the untipped shaft measurement should be from the Surefit Adapter tip to the N on the Mitsubishi Rayon logo (for OEM Diamanas and Fubuki K) for both driver and fairway (3) woods?

    Also how would you measure on Fujikura shafts - specifically the VC series?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kevin H

  9. Cameron D


    Are you looking to ultimately find out the finished length of these shafts?



  10. YUBIN M

    Why 1/2 " ? How do you get this number?  Why not 1/3"?

  11. Cameron D

    This was just a number that was determined by the recommendations from the company and the results from testing with out R&D Teams to find the best performance.



  12. Carlos L

    Hey Cameron!  

    Can you tell me what the stock tip trim on the 915 D3 driver would be with an aldila rogue black shaft?  Does the tip trim change with the flex and/or the weight?  

  13. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The Rogue Black shafts are tipped 1/2" unless requested otherwise.  It does not matter what weight or flex for that shaft - same tipping.

  14. Rizal K

    Hi Cathi,

    Do Titleist tip trim the Tour AD MJ that comes with 915 head? If so, how much? Thank you.

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