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George L

I am looking to get the new 913d3 driver and am deciding which shaft to get with it. Here is a little bit about my current setup and flight characteristics.  On a side note I don't get to try the shaft before ordering.

Titleist 910d2 9.5 Project X 7C3 plays around 45.5" or so. Carry I would say is in the 275-280 range, my SS is right around 115-120 on average with it and my ball flight tends to be slightly higher than I would prefer it to be. I am in the 13-14 launch angle range with the setting on A1 with 3400-3500 rpm spin.  My ball tends to be either a high slight draw down the right side or a low snap hook.

I am guess I should order an X flex this time around as I am a much stronger and better golfer than I was when I got my 910 with the stiff shaft.

I am looking for something that doesn't feel altogether boardy but can handle my swing without hindering power and control.

Some thoughts (Tell me what you think)

Motore Speeder 7.2 Tour Spec X Flex   
Rombax Type X 75 X Flex    
Tour AD-DI 7 X Flex
Kiyoshi Black 75 X Flex
Project X Tour Issue 7A3
Devotion 7 X Flex
How would the stock diamana d+ 72 x tipped 1/2" perform with these shafts

Give me some feedback.. Thanks - George

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    With a swingspeed that fast, your ball speed should be somewhere between 170-175+ and you should definitely be in an X flex.  The VC 7.2 Tour Spec X may be a good choice (although an upcharge).  If you are looking for a stock alternative, you might try the +D72 X flex tipped 1" or even the +D 82. The DI is a slightly softer tip than both those as is the PX.  The comments we have had from the Devotion 7 is that it can have that boardy feel.  Kiyoshi black seems to be a personal preference and we haven't had too much experience with the Rombax Type X.  Maybe some of the TT guys out there have hit it?

     If you are going to a Titleist fitter, have them give us a call before your fittig. 1-888-TITLEIST.

  2. steve b

  3. Skylar T

    I tried out the Kiyoshi black and it was a really solid shaft.  I would say that it is a lower launching shaft with lower spin so it may be a good option for you.  I already hit the ball a little low so it wasn't a good option for me. That's the only one I have tried out of the one's you've listed so sorry that's the only input I can give. 

  4. NavyLD12

    I dont know if Titleist plans on offering it but if they do I would try the Aldila Trinity. I have a similar swing speed and have spin issues also. I play a 913D3 7.5 with the Aldila Trinity 65 Tour X tipped 1". I have tried a ton of shafts including most of the ones on your list. But you may also want to look at the RIP Phenom it doesnt feel as boardy as the RIP does. I have a Phenom NL 70 tour X and was suprised at the smoothness of the shaft. But when I got the Trinity smooth went to a hole new level this shaft is by far the best feeling shaft I have hit.

    Motore Speeder 7.2 Tour Spec X Flex(Probably the best of the bunch)   
    Rombax Type X 75 X Flex (Havent hit it so not sure)   
    Tour AD-DI 7 X Flex(If you worried about high launch I would pass)
    Kiyoshi Black 75 X Flex( If you have a quick tempo pass)
    Project X Tour Issue 7A3(Really solid nothing really blew me away with this one)
    Devotion 7 X Flex( I tend to swing with a faster tempo and this shaft felt great to me deffinately #2 of the group)

    Just my thought good luck


  5. George L

    I am going to CNY Golf Academy to get fitted this Friday.. their website says Titleist is a sponsor.  The pro there is Jack Conger and the number listed is  (315)436-8122. Thanks

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