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bobby p

hi, i'm buying the 913d2, not sure what shaft to get, i hit the ball low with a fade, and a swing speed ot 100 to 105. average of 270 off the tee. would like a higher ball flight. im playing the r11 with a stiff flex and 65gram shaft stock. i'm a 6 handicap.

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  1. Connor I.

    I would recommend the Diamana S+ Blue 62 stock shaft for the 913. it has a mid launch, so it should give you a little better trajectory.

  2. HawaiiMarine

    I just upgraded from the 910d2 with the RIP stiff shaft to the 913d2 with the RIP Phenom stiff shaft ... As for the fairway wood, I'm in the process of upgrading my 910f with the RIP stiff to the 913f with the RIP Phenom ... As for the hybrid, I will be upgrading my 910h to the 913h -- I currently use the diamana ahina stiff and REALLY like it and will probably stick with it. The Ahina is a really solid shaft with great feel and workability, but also great forgiveness and solid striking/penetrating ball flight! 

    As for my irons I use the Dynamic Golds S300 WITH the sensicore inserts. I used to swing the S300's, but I can't tell you how much of a difference there is with the sensicores! They're AWESOME! I have "golfer's elbow" and the complete loss of vibration upon the torquing impact is amazing! 

    I'm a former athlete with a 10 handicap ... I hope this helped out!

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