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Shaft choice 910 D2

Daniel S

I have been playing the 910 D2 10,5 for a few months now and love the feel off the club face. My natural ball flight is a soft draw but I have a real problem with keeping the ball down. I'm Currently playing a diamana kali shaft and  have it set on A4 but I have no control over the trajectory of the ball. I swing between 118-120mph and am 19,  6'1, 200lbs. I know my rpm with the driver is over 5000 which is far too high, I get near to no roll with it. I love the club and want to keep it in the bag, it's just a case of making it fit my game better. without seeing me hit a ball what would you suggest as a shaft replacement? 



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  1. steve b


      You have several issues with your driver -- spinning it at 5,000 is not going to be fixed just by changing the shaft.  An A4 setting is adding 1.5* loft to your driver making it 12*.  The more loft you have the more the ball will spin. 
      But i doubt seriously that the 5,000 spin is coming just from the club specs.  I'm guessing there are some swing issues here -- too steep of an attack angle and / or some slice spin.  At 120 mph if you were to hit a tee shot that started down the middle of the fwy and ended up in the right rough that ball is slicing enough to have 5,000 spin.
        So what I would suggest is you find a good fitter who also is a good instructor.  Hopefully he will have a launch monitor to measure your shots.  Ask him how much of your issue is swing related BEFORE you addrress any fitting issues such as shaft or loft or whatever... No doubt that if your swing is on track then a good fitter can get your spin down less than 3,000 with a Titleist driver and shaft fitting.
    Good luck

    Steve Ball

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