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Club Fitting

Austin S

How do the five regional club fitting locations compare to Oceanside CA and Fairhaven MA? Is California the ultimate experience?

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  1. Chris92009

    I would also expand the question slightly to ask what is an "Regional Advanced Club Fitter"? Thanks!

  2. Addam C

    I don't know if this will help but I have an appointment this weekend to get fit at one of the regional fitters. If you would like I can update you with some details of the experience upon returning home.



  3. Austin S

    Addam C

    I don't know if this will help but I have an appointment this weekend to get fit at one of the regional fitters. If you would like I can update you with some details of the experience upon returning home.



    which location? And yes update all the details

  4. Addam C

    I am going to the Jim McLean center in Ft Worth Tx.

    I will post a review of the experience after I get finished. 

  5. Addam C

    Ok, so I just got home from my fitting today and since I have had a little too much caffeine driving home I thought I would get this post up for those of you wanting to know.

    The fitting process was really fun and certainly provided me with more confidence that I am going to receive the best clubs for my game. I was really surprised by what I was fit into as no one I have worked with before has even been close to recommending these specs. That being said, you could tell by the ball flight that these were the right clubs for me and it was validated with the Trackman numbers.

    Trackman provided information I couldn't tell from ball flight such as when a 5 wood wouldn't stay in the air. From my eye it appeared to be a normal shot but the numbers showed the that it really wasn't working. I was stuck between 2 driver setups and Trackman was able to show one slightly edging out the other. Slight difference but it helped make the decision easier.

    I can't speak to the experience of being fit at a Titleist location but I can say that the regional fitter I visited was well equipped and extremely knowledgable in the product and how to go about getting me the right equipment. I was never steered in any direction and we let the shots and data determine my bag setup. If something didn't feel right even with good numbers we were able to play around with different swing weights and torque profiles to find the right fell as well as numbers. I can't tell you how patient Kyle was either, I was really struggling for a bit with 3 wood and 5 wood. After getting the driver figured out I felt like I had my swing back again so we revisited the fairway woods and quickly determined that a hybrid was the best feel and fit versus the struggling 5 wood. 

    I can't recommend this facility highly enough or Kyle!

    Also, I was never pressured to purchase clubs at this location. I was simply asked if I would be ordering these through my golf club or if I would like them to order them for me. 

    Let me know if you have any further questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

  6. Kris A

    I was at TPI Oceanside yesterday and it was my 3rd time there. We went through a driver and fairway wood fitting. TPI is one of the best experience I have gone through for a fitting. My fitter Kurt helped me with hitting several different shafts and he explained why certain shafts weren't right for me. I was able to validate that I had the best shaft in my 913D2 (Oban- Devotion6) .

    As for fairway woods, this was the biggest shock. He fit me into a 913Fd with a Bassara Stiff shaft. Would never have thought it but the first 2 shots felt great. The flight and feel looked the same as my current 910F w/ Blue Board Stiff. The difference was I picked up10-13 yards respectively. Let's just say the 913Fd is on its way.

    Definitely recommend going through a fitting at one of the Regional Fitting Centers or at TPI Oceanside. If anything, gives you an excuse to make a trip to CA. Plus the facility is top notch!!!!



  7. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Thanks for your feedback - I'm glad to hear the fitting went well!!  I will pass your note along to Kurt.

  8. Thomas W

    How do you arrange a fitting in Fairhaven?  Can you give me a cost estimate

    ? Thanks

  9. Austin S

    How much did the fitting in Oceanside cost? I am considering going there and I would like as much information as possible please.

  10. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Here are the details on fittings in Oceanside and Fairhaven.

    We have a state of the art facility in Oceanside and Manchester Lane with fairways, greens, and our wedge and bunker area where Bob Vokey does his work with players (O'side).  We use a Trackman launch monitor to gap and check numbers so that you can be assured that you have the correct club selection.  The fitters that will be fitting you are the same fitters that work with the tour and are very experienced.

    We offer three separate fittings:  Driver/Fairway, Hybrid/Irons and a Wedge fit that can be done individually or all together.  Most players that come to our facilities are used to hitting balls and do all three together, but it depends on the individual.   Each fitting takes about an hour (or 3 hrs for the bag, minus putter).  When the fitting is complete, we will email all the details of the fit to you and your pro (if you wish) and you can order your clubs at whatever shop that you choose.  The fitting fee is a fitting fee only and does not go toward the purchase of clubs.  Oceanside fits Monday through Friday at 9am or 1pm.  Manchester Lane fits most weekdays at 9:30am and 1:30pm, but it varies as they are primarily a Tour and research facility.  The cost is $200 per fitting or $500 for all three and you can reserve your fitting appointment by calling Team Titleist at 1-888-TITLEIST or by calling 1-888-262-7202 and talking with Andy.

  11. Joshua L

    I've been fit at the Oceanside Facility twice now, Once with Kurt and once with Dino. Both were extremely knowledgeable and I am confident they put me into the best clubs for me. I was put into shafts and clubs that I otherwise wouldn't have guessed were appropriate for me. They both offered advice on hitting specific shots and told many stories about various tour players they've worked with. It's a calm environment and there was no pressure from either of them to constantly hit perfect shots. They can can answer any and every question you have.

    I would suggest to anyone who is planning on going through a fitting be it at a regional center or the Oceanside or Manchester Lane facilities to go in with an open mind. If you have the attitude that you already know what clubs and shafts you need and no one is going to sway your opinion don't bother wasting the money. However, if your open and wiling to go with the suggestions the fitters make you will definitely see an improvement in your launch stats and ball flight. These guys are the best in the business and they're not going to put you into a club that they're not 100% confident in. 

  12. Austin S

    Where can I get fitted for a putter? It seems like this experience is the ultimate package except for the most important club in the bag. And what hotels or places to stay are recommended for each Oceanside and Fairhaven? And approximately how long would all three fittings take?

  13. Barry O

    Austin, I have had the great fortune of being fitted myself @ the TPI Oceanside facility and accompanying my friend to the regional fitting center @ Sleepy Hollow Country Club outside of NY City. The process took approx. 3 hours at both. Because of the weather in Oceanside, CA, I was outdoors for my fitting the whole way. My fitter, Steve Ziff put me through the driver, fairway wood, hybrid and irons fitting process before we moved over onto the short game wedge fitting area. Very exhausting process! My friend, because of the early spring conditions down @ Sleepy Hollow didn't go outdoors on the range for his driver, fairway wood, hybrid and irons fitting process. He did go outside for the short game wedge process. My fitting process cost me $450.00 back in January 2011. Absolutely worth every penny!!!!! My friends process cost him $460.00 . I didn't see much difference in the process as one might expect. It was really nice to be outside on the quality turf that TPI offered me. Manicured turf that is sure to amaze! I got to see the ball flight from impact to roll out instead of into a net. The Trackman monitor was used in both processes and gave exacting results for our efforts. If you can afford the experience, I would recommend going to either the Oceanside, CA facility or the Manchester Lane, MA facility for the ultimate experience! Best of luck to you in whichever you decide! They all have very well trained and certified staff to take you through your fitting experience.

  14. Tim S

    I was fitted for my driver @sleepy hollow. It cost 200 but I was there for a long time. There was not another appointment scheduled right behind me, so I hit and hit and hit until I was tired. Hit all titleist balls too. At the end of the day, I had my driver set up perfectly and am bombing away with it. I even received tips from the club pro who stopped by.

    as soon as i can, I am going back to be fitted for some MB's. it was well worth the $$$ and the guys I play with are making comments like "I told you he was killing the ball" and "Darn!! you are crushing it this year"



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