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913 driver upgrade.

Connor I.

I have a TM driver I have been playing with for about 2 years and I think either the 913d2 or 913d3 will be my next driver. I don't know which shaft would be best for me. I am 15 years old, my swing speed is about 85-90, and I consistently shoot 70's. I am using a 50 gram shaft in a regular flex right now, And I think it is a little to light for me and it is hard to control. So please give me your suggestion on if I should get the D2 or the D3 and which shaft.


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Connor,  It depends on which head looks better to you, and what your miss is.  Give us a call or let us know where you are located and we can get you to a fitter that can watch your ball flight and help you with your selection.

  2. steve b


      That shaft may not be too bad for you, but you need to find a good fitter to really determine that.  But, let me give you some good advice for a player your age and skill.  A player your age that is still developing their swing should not play with a club that has a shaft that is too long, too stiff or too little loft.... Those three things will make almost impossible to develop a good and powerful golf swing. In fact,  I have seen that combination in a club ruin junior player's swings.

      Another very important matter for you to be aware of is your growth velocity in terms of your height.  How fast are you growing, when did you start / or have your started to grow yet?  At age 15 with 85-90 mph club head speed I'm thinking that maybe you have not yet begun to have a lot of your strength.  And probably a lot of guys you play golf with may have developed faster than you and are playing with really different specs in their driver.  ( That doesn't mean those specs fit them, by the way) DO NOT PLAY WITH A DRIVER BC ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS DOES.

     Try to find in your area a TPI ( Titleist Performance Institute)  CERTIFIED Junior golf professional.  Hopefully this guy teaches and is a fitter.  They can figure ALL of this out for you.  You are at a very important time in your golf career and you need the advice this professional will have.  If you can't give me a call anytime.

    steve ball

  3. Connor I.

    Hi Steve, I looked at the website and noticed it was in Oklahoma city, I live about an hour from there. I will definently take your advice on getting fitted for my clubs because I have just been buying clubs right off of the shelf, and it is hard to swing a 45" driver when I am only 5'5 tall.

    and hi Cathi, I think the 913d2 would fit my eye a little better because it has a draw bias and my normal miss is a slight push to the right. thank you both and good luck in 2013!

  4. steve b

    Great that your that close, I will look forward to helping you out.  I have all those bases covered that I referred to -- TPI Junior certification,  lots of great club fitting info and I teach a lot of really good junior players.


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