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913-D3 vs. 913-D2

Jerry R

I play a 910-D3, 9.5, ahina and was recently fit in a 910-D3, 9.5 with the Diamana D+ 72.  I prefer the D3 profile but later decided to hit the D2 and loved the feel and extra forgiveness.  This facility did not have a launch monitor to compare with my original fitting.  My question, all things being equal should I expect the same distance with the D2 as I did with the D3?

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  1. Cameron D


     Yes.  With the same lofted heads and shafts, on center hits should go the same distance.  The advantage you would have with the 913D3 would be that it is a more workable driver.  The 913D2 will be the more forgiving option of the two.  Both will produce similar launch and spin characteristics. 



  2. Jerry R

    Thanks, Cameron.  That helps my decision, time for this old guy to go more forgiving.


    Keep up the great work!

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