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910 D2 Fitting Question

Andy S

I really like my 910 D2 9.5 degree driver but after a half year of working with it i'm wondering if i have the wrong shaft.  It's the Diamana Ahina 70x5ct in stiff set to a A-3 on the head.  The ball flight for every other driver i have ever owned is a slight draw.  The D2 ball flight is dead straight (which is nice) to a slice / fade. Since this is the only club in the bag that slices / fades and that my home course is not accommodating to this ball flight it's an issue.  I switched to the A-3 setting from the A-1 and it did help a little ball flight but took off distance.   Is there any other options on getting this driver to draw or at least stay straighter?  

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  1. steve b


       You have done everything with driver from a fitting stand point to affect the curve of the ball....  Because you swing the driver faster and it has less loft swing faults are evident in the ball flight much more than other clubs.  I would bet you have some swing issues that are causing this much curve in your tee shots.  Find a good fitter who also is a good instructor and he will be able to figure it out.  Do that before you start spending more money on a club...

    steve ball

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