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Adjusting lie angle on AP1 712's

David L

I purchased a set of AP1 712's off of eBay last fall, but have come to find that the lie angle on this set is 3* upgright over standard - much too upright for me.

I took the set to my local shop (Golf USA in Omaha, NE) and the clubfitter there refuses to attempt to bend them back towards standard as they are cast and could break (apparently that has happened to him when he previously attempted to bend an AP1)   He kindly offered to check with Titleist tomorrow morning to see if they can be shipped back to Titleist for this adjustment.   

Does Titleist repair have tools or processes which will allow my clubs' lie angle  to be flattened back down to standard or perhaps 1* upright?  

Until then the AP2 710's are back in the bag....hopefully I won't be forced to sell my AP1's.


Dave Lancaster

Omaha, NE

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Dave,  Nathan can send them back and we can bend them to 1 up for you.  We would not recommending bending them to standard as we would have used 2 up heads when a 3° upright lie is required.  That is -  if we built them at 3° up.

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