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Stock Shafts for 913 Drivers

Jim M

Whay is the D+ White stock shaft the 72 gram version rather than the 62 gram version of the D+ in the 913 drivers?  I believe the 62 gram version is available as custom without an upcharge, but will the weight of the head be adjusted to produce the same swingweight at standard length of 45"?  What if I was to order a 62 gram shaft at 45.5"...would the headweight be adjusted automatically to produce standard swingweight? 

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Cameron D


    The D+ White is offered with no up-charge in the 62 version.  The stock swing weight is D3-D4, and with the 72 version will come in at D4 and the 62 version at D3.  Make sure to request what swing weight you would like when you place that order, so we can adjust the bezel weight accordingly. 



  2. Jonathan R

    Any chance to hit all the new driver shafts without paying $150 at a high end club fitting service?  Do you have to contact a rep?

  3. Cameron D


    Usually there are fees associated with the high end fittings.  Some Fitting Centers will use the price of that fitting towards the purchase of the clubs, but this will depend on the facility.  We do have Fitting Days in all different areas, which you can see if there are any coming up in your area by clicking the link below.  These are one on one fittings with a Titleist Fitter.  Please let us know if you have any other questions about these Fitting Days or finding a fitter.



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