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Swing weight

gregg c Certified Titleist Fitting Professional Titleist Staff Member


i have a question on swing weight. I was fitted for irons 1/2 short... By choosing a .lighter gram weight in the grip will it change my swing weight And how light would I need to go to get the irons back to d2.  My glove size is men's small.  Under size grips are lighter is that my best option? 

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  1. Cameron D


    A lot of this will depend on what components were used to built this set (model shaft, grip, head).  Generally,  about 5 grams in the grip will increase/decrease the swing weight by one point.  If you went 1/2" short, you should have lost close to 3 swing weight points.  Having a grip that is roughly 15g lighter then the standard grip, should help gain back some of that swing weight.  Again, this all depends on what components were used. 



  2. gregg c

    What I ordered was the 712 mb 4-pw......1/4 short with the kbs tour s. grip was the .580 undersize which is 44 grams. Do you think a D2 swing weight can be achieved ??

  3. Cameron D


    The heaviest that we will be able to build that set to is D0.5.  You lose 2 points with the shaft and lose 1.5 on the length, but gain back 1 point from the grip.



  4. gregg c

    If I used the project x pxi shaft or dynamic gold shafts will It help me to achieve the swing weight I like?

    tks for your imput!

  5. Cameron D


    Yes, since the most you would lose with the PXi shafts would be .5 and nothing with the Dynamic Gold.



  6. John N

    Cameron, you may have answered the question in another reply so please forgive my ignorance. I just got a set of AP1 standard length with TT XP95 reg. shaft and 2 wraps of tape under reg golf pride tour velvet grips. The set was requested at the standard D1 swing weight for the AP1s. My question then is if I re-grip with a the light grip golf pride tour 25 with 2.5 wraps of tape under it, what will that change my swing weight to? Those tour 25 grips are really light and may make the head feel heavier? Thanks for all your technical assistance. John

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