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AP2710 to AP2712

Nicolas M

I'm thinking of changing my 710 AP2's with DGS300 to 712 AP2's with Pxi 6.0, looking for a more penetrating ball flight. Should I have the loft 1 deg strong? or the shaft alone will lower the ball flight.  My 710 have a tendency to go a little too high and it's really hurting in the wind.  Also will the 1 deg strong have an impact on the bounce and offset, if so by how much?  

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  1. Cameron D


    The shaft alone should help lower your ball flight.  Know that if you do strengthen your loft by one degree you will decrease the bounce by one degree.  The offset will not be effected.



  2. Josh L



    I have been looking at making a similar change to the original poster. Confused by your comment. I thought that PXi was a higher launching shaft than Dynamic Gold, which is also what is described on the Titleist shaft graph.  Could you shed some light on the differences between the S300 and PXi?  Obviously PXi is significantly lighter weight, but what are the other performance differences?




  3. Cameron D


    Sorry, I initially read your post as you were switching to the DYG from the PXi.  You are correct though, in that the PXi will launch the ball higher then the DYG.  If you have the DYG shaft currently, then you may start to see less of a penetrating ball flight with the PXi.  If you were looking for more penetrating flight with a lighter weight shaft, then consider the DYG SL and strong lofting your irons by one degree.  This shaft will be lighter, while you should see less spin from the stronger lofts.



  4. Nicolas M

     The PXi 6.0 would lower the flight I think? They play at 6.5cfm? and the S300 is at 5.8 cfm I believe...My 6 iron swing speed is 85Mph.

    Anyway I ordered them with 1 deg stronger loft. Will let you know how they work. 


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