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Spine alignment vs Pureing

Jimmy Lee

Team Titleist,

Spine alignment has been around for some time when fitted for shafts using the traditional bearing spine alignment tools. The latest method is done by pureing on a computerized pureing machine to pinpoint the spline of shafts so they may be inserted in to the head at the correct position. Whether or not either of these systems are accurate or assist in a more proper club fitting is to each players belief but I feel that it is important to me. However, I have concerns as to whether or not setting the shaft to the proper spline angle affects the kick point, launch angel or torque of the shaft or does it have any affect on counter balanced shafts ? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the wonderful products.

Jimmy Lee

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  1. eboos

    If I understand correctly, spine alignment is just to eliminate inconsistancies due to the shafts spine orientation in the clubhead. It shouldn't affect kick point, launch angle of torque of the shaft but make the clubs more consistant from club to club. In essence, it should make the shafts perform as they should in a more controlled set of circumstances.

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