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Face Balanced Putters

Colton D

I'm considering a new putter. And I think I might have to go with a scotty cameron because they feel so good! Does scotty make any face balanced putters? I have been told that I need a face balanced putter because I try to take it straight back and straight through in my stroke. 

Thanks for your help,


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  1. Tom W

    Scotty make a few "near" face balanced putters - I use the Fastback 2 (California), also the Studio Select 2.6 and GoLo are good options as well. 


  2. Chris S


     An easy way to tell if a putter is face balanced is to balance the shaft on your finger. If the face is level with the ground, it is face balanced. If the toe points toward the ground its not.

     Chris S

  3. david h

    The GoLo is a great face weight putter, I was told the same thing a couple of years ago and went for the Kombi-s and almost elimanated all the 3 putts. They don't make the Kombi any more but you might still find some in stores and pro shops .

    Good luck


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