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Project X-7B3 in a 913FD LS?


I use to play a Project X-8B4 (83 gram 6.5) but I maybe want to try a shaft with less weight.

Sometimes I get the feeling of it's a bit too heavy, even though I play Dynamic Gold X100's in my irons, but the shafts are longer in my woods and yeah, feels heavier.

So I have been thinking about a Project X-7B3 (76 gram 6.5) but can I use that in a 3 wood? In my case, a 913FD LS.

I have heard that the Project X 7-models are for drivers and the 8-models are for fairway woods, but is it true?

If I want to try something new, and look at the Titleist stock Diamana +PLUS Series shafts in stead, which one of the S+ or D+ are similar to the Project X 6.5 shaft in launch and spin?

Since the 913FD LS are "Low Spin" (and easier to hit from the deck than the 910FD) maybe the S+ 72 or 82X is an option? But what do you recommend?

Unfortunately I can't demo the shafts first, since my local shop only has demo-shafts in S-Flex and I need X.

My swing speed with my fairway woods is around 110 MPH.

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  1. Mike B


    I just received my 913 3 wood today. I got the Project X 7C3 (73 gram 6.0), which was recommended to me because the fitter said that it was a good idea to match the shaft that I have in my driver. The 7C3 will provide you with the lighter shaft that you are looking for, but I would recommend matching the shaft that you have in the driver because that will provide the same trajectory, and spin. 

    Hope this helps.


  2. Chris


    in my driver I got a Diamana D+ White 62 X-Flex (67 gram) so what you are saying it's a good idea to have the same shaft in my fairway 3 wood as well, maybe just a D+ White 72/82 X-Flex?

    I'm not Tour Pro but if you look at their WITB they rarely play the same shaft in their 3 wood as they have in their driver?

    Just wondering...

  3. Mike B


    The fitter told me that if I was comfortable with the shaft that was in my driver that it would be a good idea to keep it the same. I am very used to the 7C3 that is my driver, but that is just me. I would say your best bet is to find a fitter near you, and see what works best for your game.


  4. Lars W


    I was just fitted for the Project X 7C3 (73 gram 6.0) in my new 913 Fd. The alternative was the RIP alpha 75 stiff. I play the Fujikura F1 65 in stiff in my 913 D2.

    Don't worry about matching the fairway to your driver. I used to play the Fujikura F1 75 stiff in my 910 Fd but was looking for a little higher trajectory, especially from the fairway. The Project X does just that for me.

    A 3 wood is a completely different club, especially if you are playing it not only from the tee, but also from the fairway. You don't have to match and if the 80 gram fells heavy, go for the 70.

    By the way, I also demod the 6.5. That didn't make that much of a difference to me. If the weight feels right, then I think you will be fine, eben if you can't demo the correct flex.

  5. Teunis S

    Hi Chris

    I would recommend that you use the Diamana D+ White 72 X Flex in your fairway wood. I play a Diamana D+ White 72 X in my Driver and a Diamana D+ White 82 X on my 3 wood. This is what most of Pro players do and what I tell my customers. If it is not the same model, al least it shuol de be 10 grams heavier than your Driver. I have been fitting customers for over 15 years and in all cases, I tell them to use a shaft on the fairwaywood about 10 grams heavier than the one on the Driver.

    Hope this helps



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