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Driver Shaft

Bobby S

Searching for a driver shaft that would best suit my game.  On a launch monitor my ss is about 108mph with a launch angle about 9 -10 degrees.  Spin rate is usually around 3100 rpm.   Any suggestions on a shaft that can decrease my spin rate and increase my launch angle.  traditionally I like a 70=75 gram shaft.  Any suggestions?  Not close to a dealer that can get the proper shafts for me to try.  I am going to have to order one and see how it works out

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  1. Cameron D


    The Tour AD DI-7 has been a great shaft for players looking to increase their launch, but decrease their spin.  Have your local Club Fitter contact us, and we will send the shaft to him for you to try.  Have him contact us at 1-888-TITLEIST.



  2. AJAR

    Hey Cameron,

    I have been fitted for this shaft but for a 910D2. I have held off buying it until I try the 913. I will be heading down to Palatka Muni for their March 7 Fitting Day to try the 913. Is this shaft possible to send to the fitter for that day? I have called them to try to make an appointment but apparently no appointments necessary.

    Thanks Cameron.

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