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Question about my driver specs



I just played a bit with a TrackMan today, and the result was a bit "eye opening".

First I tried the Shaft Optimizer with my 6 iron and it suggested Dynamic Gold X100 which I'm playing already, so that was okay.

But then I went to the driver.

I have always been playing a Diamana Blue 73x (the real deal, non-stock) and I started out with that. The result was:

>>> Note: I have always been hitting a bit down on the ball with my driver <<<

Titleist 913D3 9.5° with Diamana Blue 73x-stishaft and Pro V1x

Average results over 10 shots

A-1 and B-2 but there were not really a difference with my carry and and Smash Fact.

  • Club Speed: 115 +/- mph
  • Ball Speed: 166 mph
  • Smash Factor: 1.45
  • Attack Ang: -1.2
  • Spin: 3000
  • Carry: 279 yards
  • Total: 295 yards

Then I tried the new driver from another manufacturer with a MRC KURO KATE SILVER 60 S-Flex

Average result over 10 shots

Setting Neutral 9.5°

  • Club Speed: 115 +/- mph
  • Ball Speed: 172 mph
  • Smash Factor: 1.50 
  • Attack Ang: -1.2
  • Spin: 2459
  • Carry: 290 yards
  • Total: 306 yards

Same club speed but more ball speed?

I know I was not testing all settings, so the results can't be 100%, since there might be a better setting for me with the Titleist 913D3, but I got

  • lower spin
  • higher ball speed and
  • 10 yards more

with the other driver with same swing and ONLY a S-Flex shaft, and my swing speed was almost the same?

I had big eyes, and it hurt my Titleist heart.

Was the club-head (technology) better for me with the other driver, or is the Diamana Blue 73 X-Stiff too stiff or heavy for me? It shouldn't be with my 115 club speed, or what do you guys think?

I don't know if I can get a stock-shaft to my 913D3 that can perform better for me?

Any ideas?

I don't have the full TrackMan data, but I can try and get it if it was saved.

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  1. steve b

    Chris - you ask some good questions here. I have that KK driver in some of my fitting carts. let me get some specs and compare it for you and I will get back to you soon.

    steve ball

  2. Don O

    The vendor's rating of R, S, X is only a guide.  There are no standards.  Most other drivers have a stock 45.75 inch shaft.  Just as an example, I gained yardage hitting into a net with a Trackman just switching between R shafts Bassara 50 g to the Blue shaft 62 g on a 913 D2.  This was due to smash factor from 1.4 to 1.5 and a lower spin.  Obviously, your results will vary.  I'd let a fitter work with my swing and optimize launch and trajectory without deciding on weight and flex before starting the process.  I think your only conclusion now is your current shaft may not be optimal.

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