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4 iron replacement

Patrick W

I just ordered a 913F 17 degree that will be set to 16.25 to replace my 3 wood.  I have an old 5 wood that I love that leaves a need to replace my 4 iron. I would like a new 913H however I am not sure what loft to order. Any ideas? Pat

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  1. Cameron D


    Our 4 hybrid would be considered the 24*, matching our 4 iron lofts.  This should give you a good gap between your 5 wood as well.



  2. Patrick W

    Would that mean a 21 degree 913h replace a 3 iron?

  3. Cameron D


    Yes, the 21* would be your 3 iron replacement. 



  4. Christian J

    From what I understand, yes.  A 21* hybrid should replace a 3 iron.

  5. Lou G

    24*.  I found it much easier to hit vs the 21.  The only reason I don't have it is because I can crush my 27* and the yardage diff is almost minimal.

    I personally love a 5 wood.    I have a 19F (set to 20.5) and I whack it pretty solid).

    What I do for the gap between the 19F and the 27H is use a 9 wood (24 fairway).   I get about 10 more yards vs the 24H.

  6. Don O

    Try a gap fitting.  Since the hybrids can be adjusted from 25.5 to 23.25 (24 degree) and 22.5 to 20.25 (21 degree), you can space your new club in distance between the 5I and the 5W.  The 3 and 4 913 equivalents correspond to the loft on Ttleist irons - but club lofts are far from universal.  A 4H with new war paint markings is 22 degrees.  Almost a club longer just on loft.

  7. Samuel C

    Hi Patrick,

    You replaced your 3-wood with a 4-wood and have a 5-wood in the bag, but you want to replace your 4-iron. There seems to be a pretty big gap with your 5-wood and long irons (or hybrids), since a 5-wood is usually around 18-19* and your 4-iron is 23-24*. 

    Did you replace your 3-iron with something?


  8. Lou G

    Some older 5 woods are 20 or 21*.   True generally 18 or 19* for a 5W.

    If the 5W is 18* then 21 and 24 hybrids are ideal.



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