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My son is 13....quick question

Cade P

His ball speed is higher with a 70 gram shaft than a 50 gram shaft which gets him more's my question

Will it hurt him in the future swinging a heavier shaft now? I know swing speed is important and I'm wondering if he would be better off sacrificing ball speed now for swing speed in future. Thoughts????

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  1. fred k


    get him on a launch monitor and take a look at the numbers.  ball speed is not the only determining factor - there's also launch angle, spin rate, etc. which will determine how much total distance he's getting out of the shaft/head combo.

    i'm not a fitter by any means, but your son is only 13.  he's bound to get stronger as he gets older, so maybe a heavier shaft wouldn't be such a detriment.  on the other hand, there are a lot of guys on tour migrating to sub-60g shafts.  your best bet is to go to a fitter and have them find a shaft that will provide the results that your son wants.

    good luck.


  2. John L

    No it will not hurt him. If he is swing the club just fine with a heavier shaft than its ok.  That is why a so many different shafts out there exist. I know i am 31 so it might not seem relevant but i swing a 74 gram shaft. every time i have try'd to hit clubs with lighter shafts my swing falls apart. i can hit shafts in the 80 gram region ok but i can't work the ball as well. and just remember ball and swing speed arn't the most important things. good tempo and contact come first. distance will come. at 13 he shouldn't be trying to bomb it. yea i know he is because i was at that age but if you can get him to learn control is better then he will develop nicely. 

    Biggest thing we can do in golf to raise the sport is teach people the truth.  pro's don't hit 8 irons 200 yards. and i recently read a article with a tour pro P.M. (initials) all of his irons are lofted two whole clubs strong. but i digress. My point is if we can teach that a 250 yard drive is average and a good drive. the average golfer actually shoots a 110. then we can grow the game. everyone loves the long ball but its not the most important thing. i like the drive for show but for doe Matteo. anyways hope this helped

    cheers greens and fairways to all


  3. steve b


      YOu have a lot of very good questions and legitimate concerns.  Your best answers will come from a golf professional in your area that is a very good fitter with experience with junior players AND a Level II or III  Junior TPI.  your son is at the age where growth spurts are going to play a big part in his development.  And, there are many facets to that time in his life, one of which is the club fitting issue. What you don't want to do is get him a club that is too long, too heavy and not enough loft.  These specs in a club will ruin a junior players swing and impede his ability to create a fast powertul swing.
       Get on the and use their locator service to find this type of professional.  If you cannot find one  in your area give me a call . I will be happy to disucss this with you>
    Steve Ball,  405-842-2626
    AFC fitter with Titleist and Level III Junior TPI 

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