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Club Fitting

brad l

For several years I have been trying to find the mobile fitting van.  I can never hit a club right at the golf shop with the indoor video, not sure if its because it's indoors, or takes to long to warm up, but just cant do it.  The only reason I have a Titleist Driver now, is because one of the local golf shops let me take a demo driver (907D2) to the range.  I hit it so good that I bought the demo club.  It's been a great club and still is.  I just cant justify spending $400 for a club, that in the golf shop shows no better distance on the indoor video than my current Titleist Driver.  However, if I could find a mobile van, hit the driver on the range, I could then validate if the new driver would be worth the money.  Everytime I search for the mobile van on the website, it doesnt show any locations and I cant travel to CA or MA.  Can you please tell me the mobile fitting van schedule.  I live near West Palm Beach, FL but can travel anywhere in FL if I knew where the van was going to be.  Thanks, Brad

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    We have two very good fitters right in your home town - John Webster and Richard Terga are at the Breakers, both Ocean and West and we would highly recommend them.  Give them a call for the details, the number is:  561- 659-8474

  2. brad l

    Cathi:  Thank you for the reply, but I wasnt looking for just a regular fitting, I wanted to get the professional treatment :) with the video ananlysis and all the different shafts, lie's, etc, that perfectly matches my swing.  Not just the basic fitting. Are you saying they have that capability?  I just so happened that I know the Breakers West and will be playing there quite a bit in the next month.

    Thanks so much for the help,


  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The Breakers has a great set up and several very good fitters on staff.  I am assuming by "video", you are referring to using a launch monitor?  As an Advanced Fitter, they do use a Trackman launch monitor and will be able to tell you all your numbers and fit you into the correct head and shaft.  Fitting is as much an art as it is numbers.  A great fitter can estimate numbers and launch (without a monitor) as well as where on the clubface, attack, etc.  Keep in mind that numbers off a launch monitor are just numbers - it takes a good experienced fitter to help interpret the numbers, correlate it with the swing and select the correct head and shaft. 

    You will be professionally fit at the Breakers. 

  4. robert b

    Having visited the Carlsbad area many times I am curious as to why their are so many credited Titleist fitting facilities that are using mats when your own fitting center is off grass.
    I would have thought that Titleist would always recommedn fitting off grass.Love my 910 D,F,H series.Looking to get fitted for AP2's but the fitting facilities are weak up here in Canada.I have been to demo days,even outside at my own club but the rep does not have time for one on one fitting.Perhaps a visit to the fitting center is the only way.With a side trip to the San Marcos Brewery !!
  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Robert,  Glad you came to visit!  Our Canada office says it is quite chilly up there right now :)  All the facilities - such as Stadium, Carlsbad Golf Center, Encinitas Ranch - can and do conduct iron fittings off grass.  We recommend getting fit for irons off of turf so you can see and feel the interaction of the ground. 

    Although our Advanced FittingWorks Centers are good, if you can get fit at our Tour facility in Oceanside, I would recommend it. 

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