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Lie angles and new AP1s ?

Keith M

A bit of background before my question, sorry if I bore anyone.

I purchased a set of AP1s for Christmas, (my wife's present to me was to say, "you can buy a set of clubs and I won't complain about it.")  I was fit at Golfsmith and ordered my shafts 1.5" long with no lie adjustment per the recommendations of the fitter.  (I'm 6'5", thus the longer shafts.)

When I was hitting the AP1 during the fitting session, I was absolutely killing the ball.  This is why I purchased the AP1s instead of the other brands I tested.  The performance was phenomenal, resulting in me being uber-excited to receive my clubs once the order came in.

I was fitted about 7 years ago when I bought my Cally X-18 Pros, except my lie angle was 5* upright.  To this day, I always thought that was a bit extreme but went with it.

Then I got to the range.  All the excitement and confidence were gone.  Every shot was going dead right.  Not a slice or fade, dead straight right.  I'm a subscriber to the theory that "it's not the instrument, but the musician."  After tinkering with my grip, swing, stance, and just about everything else I can think of to get the ball back to anything resembling a playable shot, I'm at my wit's end.  And I couldn't hit my long irons worth a darn.  I haven't had long iron problems in years, which is why I carry 3 and 4 irons instead of hybrids.

I was going to sign up for lessons, but my swing hasn't changed.  I've always had a pretty straight ball flight, but with my Callys it was left.  With Titleist it's right.  I'm thinking a 1-2* lie adjustment may be in order.  At least with my Callys, then tendency to hit left was playable, the Titleists are sadly unplayable for me right now.  I want to love these clubs like I did when I was fit, but right now I feel like I spent a ton of money on a set that are soon going to be collecting dust.

Has anyone else had an experience like this after a club switch?  And what you did you do to resolve the problem?  Lessons, a club adjustment, or something else entirely? 

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. 

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  1. Gator


    Definitely sounds like you may need a lie angle adjustment on your new AP1 irons.

    I typically do not use a lie board when fitting for lie angle but go off of ball flight only. 

    If your shots are starting right and going right with a good swing then you need them bent more upright. The toe of iron is catching into the turf causing the face to stay open. This should improve your ball flight and get shots more online.

    This is also why I recommend getting fit at a range with a certified fitter where you can see the actual flight of the ball and not just hitting balls into a net at a big box store.  Like I said, the lie board tape may tell you one thing but the ball flight is the most important factor.

    So go get those AP1's bent more upright and you will have them in the bag soon!

    Best of Luck!

  2. Keith M


    Thank you for your response.  Also, nice to get a response from a Steeler fan.  I went to Pitt and lived there for 10 years.  Hopefully, next season will be a Super Bowl one.

    I went back today and explained what was happening.  Thankfully, the person who fit me previously was there so he remembered everything we went through last time.  It turned out to not be a lie angle problem after all.  It was a bum fitting 8 years ago when I purchased my Callys.  (I won't mention the name of the store where I was fit previously.)

    I'm 6'5" so that's another reason for my extreme lie angle adjustment.  However, in my cally fitting, I was told that my shafts should be 1.5" long.  I only hit a lie board once and the fitter said, "yup, you're 5* up."  Not knowing any better, I didn't question it.

    Today, we adjusted for my shaft length, I hit several other brands as well, and each time the result was that I should be about 1* down.  Which seemed to make no sense given what was happening.  Then he asked, "are you sure about the 1.5" extra shaft?"  So we measured and it turns out that it should be 1", not 1.5".  

    I should have my clubs back after the adjustment shortly, I hope to be hitting them straight again soon.

    Again, thanks for your advice.  

  3. Gator


    Glad you got you new 712 AP1's altered to fit your swing. As soon as you get them back, go hit them on a practice range where you can see the ball flight to make sure your getting the shot shape you desire.  If not take them back and have the lies adjusted accordingly.

    Here we go Steelers, here we go!

    Best of Luck!

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