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Titleist 913 D2 length/swingweight

todd f

I am looking to purchase a new Titleist 913 D2 driver w/ Diamani D+ 72....  I am planning to order at 44.5 inches with a multi compound decade grip......will this club be built to the same swing weight as if I had ordered the standard 45 inch length?  Any feedback appreciated as to how this will effect the clubs weight

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  1. David L

    If you want your new D2 to be a half-inch less in length than the standard 45", yet want it to have the same SW as the standard 45" (as well as the same +72 WB shaft), I would recommend requesting the 11g chip be installed when you place your order......the extra 2g over the standard 9g chip will increase the SW 1 point (2g = 1 point) and should bring the SW closer to what it would be with the 9g chip @ 45".

    Now with that said, I would also recommend you get fitted with an authorized Titleist fitter that has all five 913 weight chips available (4g,7g,9g,11g, and 14g) might find that you actually prefer a lighter or heavier weight chip than the 11g chip that I'm suggesting with the +72 WB installed @ 44.5".   Also note that the fitter likely won't have longer or shorter shafts than standard 45" as part of the fitting cart, so you'll need to choke down 1/2".  

    Alternatively, if you are comfortable with your current driver's SW, then have the fitter measure it on a SW scale and then instead of specifying a particular weight chip, simply specify on the D2 order that you want it to SW out to a certain spec....Titleist will install whatever weight chip will get it the closest to that SW; now they may not be able to get it down to the EXACT SW spec you order, but I would think they could get it pretty close to being .5-1 point above or below your in that case I would specify a "back up" SW that is .5-1 point higher or lower - whichever you prefer. 

    Just as a refrence - my new 913D2 with Phenom 70S @ std 45" came in at a whopping D5 with the standard 9g chip installed, so I TT to send me the 4g chip to get the SW back down to a manageable D2.5 (5g less = 2.5 SW points less); I also just last week ordered a 913D3  (yeah I'm a big fan of Titliest drivers) with the BB +72 @ 45".  In the store, the 913 D3 came in around a D3-D3.5 SW with the +72 White (I'm assuming the BB and WB +72 weight approximately the same) I specified that it have the 7g chip installed; that gets the SW down to my more desirable D2 or D2.5, and also it gives me thee different weight chips (4, 11 and now 7) to experiment with.

    Hope this helps and that I didn't confuse you too much...

  2. todd f

    Thanks David,

    I really appreciate all of the detailed info.  Right now I think I am leaning towards towards ordering the club built to 44.5 and not making up any swing weight.  I am in between whether I should go with the D+72 or D+62 and I am thinking the D+72  .5 shorter will be a nice fit.  

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