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Volkey Wedges

len n

Hey TT,  can you explain in better detail, choosing the bounce on a sand wedge and lob wedge? What are the benefits of each

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  1. Connor I.

    Hey Len, it all depends on what angle you come into the golf ball with and the golf courses condition you normally play. For example, if you come into the ball with a steep angle of attack ( usually called a digger ) than you want a more high bounce wedge. If you have a shallow angle of attack ( called a sweeper )  you need a wedge with a little less bounce. and also, if you play golf courses that have fluffy sand than you will need more bounce, if you play out of hard sand you need less bounce. And by the way most sand wedges normally range from 10-14 degrees of bounce and lob wedges are more 4-12 bounce.

    Best of luck!


  2. len n

    I mostly play in midwest where the ground is medium soft, Iam a 4 hdcp and swing angle is steep with my wedges. I would like to know what would be best general all around bounce would be on 54 and 58 wedges 

  3. 19hole

    Not wanting to mis-quote the Wedge Master, Mr. Vokey, I would refer you to this link on It is the best information you will find...

  4. steve b

    You need the right "stuff"

    Some of this is feel of the player , but from a fitting standpoint here is what's important. First of all this is dependent on the player hitting the ball first and the ground after impact.  A good lead wrist position....  If the player scoops or lifts and the only divots are before impact this does not work as good, maybe not at all.

    Basically you will want one club in bag with the proper bounce to play from soft conditions ( sand, deep grass, grass bunkers... ) that would require more "stuff" on the bottom of the sole - more bounce, wider sole width, less camber - more stuff make the club better from soft conditions.    
       Then you would also need a club in your bag to play from tight lies or firm ground - this would require less "stuff" - lower bounce, more narrow sole, more camber.... this is usually found in lob wedges ( 58* - 64*)
      Now how much "stuff" exactly depends on the players impact position, feel of the club going through the turf...  This is a fairly complex process to properly fit wedges so you need to find a really good fitter that has all the Vokey's to fit with. AND....... you dang sure need to be hitting from real grass ---no mats, no simulated things....

  5. len n

    Thank you Steve, I do "hit down" on the ball and have decent short game, The Volkey web site was very helpful and Iam looking forward to purchasing my Volkey wedges for this season!!

  6. Lou G

    I agree with Steve Ball.  Also, it is all a matter of what has been working.  I've been kind of toying with my wedges over the past couple years and am back to what worked between 2009-2011 (part of the "toying" was upgrading from SM2 60-07 and 64-07 to those with "legal" grooves).  The main thing was finding a lob wedge that does everything I want. 

    I carry SM4 54-11 (bent to 53), 60-10 (bent to 59) and 64-07 (bone stock) and this is what WORKS in most conditions.  I just went back to using a 64 wedge because it adds dimension (carried one between 2006-2011). 

    I found that the 54-11 actually works better in sand vs the 54-14 but the latter actually picks the ball rather easily off a tight lie because of the narrow sole.

    I used a SM c-c 54-11 between 2011 through mid 2012 and had been using SM c-c 54-14 until December.   They are about equal in the sand but found the latter better around the greens and picking the ball off the fairway.  I also had been using an SM4  52-12 (bent to 51)  since December (the main purpose was to replace the 50-08 and 54-14 to simplify the setup at the top end) and it worked pretty good for the most part; I bought an SM4 54-11 used and all it took was about 20 minutes of practice and I was hooked (I have a park by the house that has a mound similar to a practice green and I sometimes practice sand shots in a sandbox with very soft sand).   The 52-12 was still under the 90 day playability guarantee so I returned it and applied it to the SM4 64-07 recently.

    I used a 50-08 since summer 2011 until the end of last year (mainly because it worked better than an Eye 2 PW).  It also came in handy as a gap wedge with the AP1s.   The 52-12 worked better for long sand shots and the difference was only 5 yardson full shots.

    In regards to lob wedges, in mid 2011 I traded the SM2 60-07 and 64-07 for a SM c-c 62-07 (that I carried till last May).  The limitation of the 60-07 was soft sand and the 64-07 was great for small, deep bunkers with soft sand but not great on tight lies because of the sole .  The 62-07 did quite a bit in a lot of conditions but the main shortcoming was distance.   I briefly tried a SM c-c 58-04 and it actually was better on greenside bunkers but not so great on tight lies (the leading edge bounce is pretty high, actually).   I went to the SM4 60-10 last May and it works EVERYWHERE (and stops the ball better than the SM c-c 62-07); it has been my go to club in greenside bunkers and I have had many "down in 2" shots and a few hole-outs.  My two cents is the SM4 60-10 (bent to 59) is the most versatile lob wedge ever.... period.  The reason I like the 59 loft is because it has more stopping power vs 58 but a little more roll vs a 60.

    I just got the 64-07 back in because, quite frankly, it is really nice to have a 64 wedge for those rare shots.  Have to keep in mind that full shots are 50 yards and full pitches are 30 yards.   It is fabulous for hitting a short bunker shot (out of a deep bunker) to a tight pin.   I've also conquered the "Bunkers From Hell" (#8 Riverwalk Friars and #8 Miramar - both 8 ft deep big greenside bunkers) with it.  I can also understand why PM uses a 64 - Balboa Park (his home course in San Diego) has some pretty hard greens (as do quite a few of the munis here in SD). 

    I also didn't carry a gap wedge between 2009-2011 and got pretty adept at working a PW. 

    There are quite a few golfers that are discovering a 54 wedge vs the "traditional" 52 gap wedge and 56 sand wedge.    I also get this in conversation around the practice areas where I play.


  7. Dallin H

    len n

    Hey TT,  can you explain in better detail, choosing the bounce on a sand wedge and lob wedge? What are the benefits of each

    Len, Great question! Since I've never been officially fit for a wedge, I've often wondered about bounce and how it works.

  8. Walt S


    +1 regarding hitting it from real grass...

  9. Lou G

    I'm kind of promoting the 60-10 as a good all around lob wedge.  58-12 also has the same grind (I briefly tried one and returned it to the store because I didn't like it off turf - fabulous in soft sand, horrible out of wet sand).  The difference in my short game is that I am a "shotmaker"; I play sliding shots or digging shots, depending on the situation.

    The "Traditional" lob wedge is the 60-07.   Haven't tried the SM4 yet but what I found with the SM2 was that it was fabulous off the turf but was horrible in softer bunkers.  

    I've also played the old 258-12 between 2007-2009.  I got pretty proficient at using it but what I lacked at the time was a good wedge for longer bunker shots. 

    The Spin Milled c-c 62-07 was also a great lob wedge for a variety of conditions but the main issue was the short distance (I probably hit a full swing 60 yards and a full pitch about 35-40).   IT also conquered the Bunkers From Hell I mentioned earlier.  You had to do a bit of a sliding shot in soft bunkers. 

    Since last May the SM4 60-10 (which I have bent to 59) has been my greenside bunker weapon and for tight pitch shots from 40 yards in.  I open the blade in soft bunkers or off thick grass.  In wet sand I only open the blade slightly.  In hard sand the blade is square.   This is the BEST lob wedge I've had.  Period.  Have had quite a few "down in 2" or hole out shots. 

    The M grind is great, IMHO.  Kind of getting used to it on the 54-11 also.

    The full sole sand wedges (54-14 and 56-14) have narrow soles.   I was able to play a 54-14 in hard sand but had to square the face and lean the shaft forward a little bit. 

    Like what the others say - get fit!  

     I've had a pretty strong short game since 2006 and my wedge makeup was a bit of experimentation - and that included setting lie angles.  I play the SW 1/2* upright and the lob wedges 1* upright lie angles (that was a fix because I had a hard time with spanking lob wedges on full shots; the 1/2* upright was determined by playing with a do it yourself "set" cavity back sand wedge for 2 years, finding that a 64.5 loft for the PW and SW was ideal).   Sand wedges have been pretty much established (53-55 degrees with 10-12 degrees of bounce, 35.25-35.5 length and 64.5 lie angle).   Lob wedges were a bit a science project; each one had its strong points and limitations (have played the CG15 DSG 58 and 64, SM2 60-07 and 64-07, SM c-c 58-04 and 62-07; the SM4 60-10 bent to 59 does everything I need - BOTTOM LINE).

      I also took advantage of the Golf Mart 90 day playability guarantee and would often buy a used wedge and play a few rounds of golf before returning it and exchanging for another or applying toward a new one.

    I keep the SM 64-07 in the bag for the unusual shots. 





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